Gallery: Lindsay Lohan Plays Dress-Up, Boob-Grab; Commenters Go Nuts

Lindsay Lohan loves to play dress-up. Tyler Shields (the same brilliant mind that brought us Emma Roberts covered in unicorn jizz) loves to photograph sexy women doing ridiculous things. Hence, it would seem they are a match made in heaven. “A little romance never hurt anyone until it ended,” Shields writes. “In matters of love sometimes you have to be willing to get your hands dirty.” For funsies, I’ve appended fan comments from Tyler Shields‘ site to each photo. The men in the shoot are Shields himself and Lohan’s dude buddy Spencer Falls.

(Via Tyler Shields)

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      every one of these comments is a masterpiece.

    • jessica

      she’s so sad and used up looking. she’d be better off getting out of hollywood

    • Fa

      I love Tyler Shields he is a genius this shot is iconic to the max:)