You Need A Drink: Qream Promises To Fill The Holes In Your World

That Pharrell. Being thoughtful all the time.

The rapper remarks upon the inspiration for his ice-cream like beverage:

“I looked at the market, I looked at the holes out there and it felt like ‘indulgence’ and ‘women’ were the two things that were being neglected,” he said. “When you pour a glass of cream, it’s significantly less calories. It’s a thinner consistency, so a woman doesn’t feel like she’s gained ten pounds just by thinking about drinking it.”

He also claims Qream is

“for contemporary women who work hard and want to relax with friends at the end of the day. I want them to reward themselves deliciously. Women make up half the population and Qream is about celebrating that power.”

I like celebrating my power with girlishly bottled things that are pink. I also like to celebrate with very few calories. If it is a real celebration there will be some ranch dip with the carrot sticks, but only then.

Oh, who am I kidding? I will drink this as eagerly as I will drink any prettily bottle liqueur because “girly drink” is just another name for “drink that doesn’t take like bat urine.” Will you? Celebrate the power! Of being part of the populous!

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    • Melissa

      Oh, yay, alcoholic milk. Sounds delicious.

      Funny that Pharrell looks at the alcohol industry and notices a lack of marketing towards women & indulgence, because that is LITERALLY ALL THAT INDUSTRY TARGETS. Except beer, but I mean, even they’re starting with the 80-calorie bottles.

    • Adina

      I did the pleasure of tasting the qream at a club that i was at and when they were giving out samples and asking opinions on the drink. I think that qream was delicious I will buy it again. or for the first time i will buy it since i did not buy it the first time i had it.

      i am so happy to have found this site!! except more celebrity coverage would be a nice addition, like real celebrities thank you. :))))