Real Talk: Men Tell Us What They Hate In Bed

Last week, Cosmo discovered there are one or two or six things that men do not like in bed (having their balls bit, mostly). We talked to our male friends to see if their perspective lines up with the ones in Cosmo. We discovered they hate everything you are doing and you should probably just join the nunnery.

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    • Meghan Keane

      So is Fred gay? Because I’m pretty sure heterosexual men are supposed to like kissing women. Am I missing something?

      • Beth

        I agree with Meghan… I think maybe Fred should try kissing boys…

    • Tania

      I’ve met women who have little feelings in their nipples, too, so it’s person-to-person and not gender specific.

      • Dove

        Yep, I could take it or leave nipple play totally, but my husband enjoys it. So it’s definitely person-to-person.

    • Naomi

      With the exception of golden shower guy and period guy, these dudes need to grow up and get out more.

      • Dove

        Though even period guy seems to be missing the fact that a lot of women don’t know they’ll be getting their periods, and probably wouldn’t be fucking a guy if they thought it was going to happen. I’m on the pill and I still don’t know on which of the 7 days it will happen, before I was on it I was crazy irregular.

    • Hanna

      I think there’s nothing wrong in liking or disliking something, as long as corpses, children and animals are not involved. However, I do think it’s very unusual not to like kissing. Although I must admit, I don’t like kissing a lot of guys because the way a lot of guys kiss isn’t um my way.
      Basically this rule should apply: If it’s not for you, grow the hell up and say something – in a polite and respectful fashion.

    • Eileen

      I dunno, I kind of sympathize with hot wax guy…that would scare me.

      I mean, obviously the answer is “Everyone has his own tastes, so talk to your partner and all,” but I think each of these is a fairly legitimate dislike. Except for kissing. I really can’t understand how you can hate kissing. Get (physically) tired of it after extended making out, sure, but actively hate it?

    • Carolyn

      That was lame. Most of those were obvious (aside from the dude who doesn’t know how to kiss, I don’t know what his problem is…) But seriously don’t injure/defecate on the person you’re canoodling with is common sense. Let’s get some real answers! Like what we shouldn’t do with our tongues, or positions that don’t feel good, orrr… not to give a blowjob. Seriously.

      • Dove

        You can’t learn things like that from magazines or blogs. Just be honest when you start getting close to a guy and ask what he likes, I promise, he will not mind.

        There is too much variation from person to person, not to mention that the guys they feature on here aren’t the kind of people you’d want to learn anything from.

        It seems like “no teeth” is a no brainer right? Except I once had a boyfriend request that I use them a little. So it’s best to just learn what makes your partner (and more importantly, YOU) happy.

    • abbie

      I’m with Fred. Seriously I could go without Kissing. Its way more intimate to me than having lady parts and man parts smushing.