Allegedly Anorexic Model Codie Young Has More To say About Topshop Controversy, Blames ‘Photoshopping’

Australian model Codie Young become a little infamous when Topshop removed images of her online after accusations from The Daily Mail (and the Mail’s collected eating disorder activists) that Young looked outrageously thin. Though Young already ranted on her blog about the unfairness of the situation, WWD jumped into the fray this morning when they caught up with the 18-year-old and asked her if she thought she looked too thin. Young agreed, but added she thinks it was “a combination of being poorly Photoshopped and it was also a bad angle. I mean, that’s not what I look like. But Topshop has been really supportive about everything because they know I’m healthy.”

But it goes on. When WWD asked if she exercised, Young replied:

It’s really hard, especially recently because I’ve been traveling a lot. Like I can’t sign up for a gym because I’m everywhere. That’s one thing that’s really hard for me. I don’t have to exercise because I’m naturally skinny, but if I get a chance I do like to. I quite like yoga and that type of thing, more relaxed stuff.

And then they asked what kinds of food she likes…

I like everything. I like to try new things. I used to be a really picky eater when I was younger, but now that I’m getting older, I like to try different things when I go to different places. That’s one thing I’ll always buy for my family, like sweets and stuff. Like I went to the Ukraine for a job recently, and I bought their traditional sweets. I like quite a lot of junk food — any kind of sweets.

So Topshop and Young insist she’s healthy but Young explains that she doesn’t exercise (and, in a poor choice of words, implies that one should only exercise for weight loss) and eats a lot of junk food. I’d like WWD to ask her what she thinks healthy means. Though perhaps in modeling there’s a different definition altogether.

For what it’s worth, here’s Codie appearing bright and energetic in a video interview:

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    • Jon

      I wonder if she smokes….

    • Jun

      She sounds incredibly stupid…

    • I Love Codie

      She is NOT stupid, and she does NOT smoke.
      Codie is a beauitful, healthy energetic girl, who doesnt deserve all these critics. And why are they jsut singling out Codie? Theres PLENTY of other skinny models besides Codie!

      I say, Leave the poor girl alone. Shes gone through school with childish remarks about her weight, she doesnt exactly need any more stupid remarks.

      You dont know her, so dont judge her, alright?

    • Catherine

      I actually don’t think she DOES look anorexic. Some of the tell-tale signs are missing, like the hollows in places where there shouldn’t be hollows (like under the cheekbones, around the clavicles, under the upper arms, between the bones in the backs of the hands, etc.). Also, she is still a teenager. She kind of just looks like a gawky kid to me more than anything. I’m almost 5’10, and I had very similar proportions as a teen. I ate like a football player just to have a chance at hips! Any attempts at exercise dropped the few pounds I was trying to hang onto, so I mostly avoided working out altogether. (Incidentally, people feel very comfortable openly criticizing young women for being too thin, and that can make the scrawny girls reluctant to eat healthy foods instead of fatty ones and work out for strength lest they get any thinner than they already are.) By my mid-20′s, I developed some more curves and now I weigh about 135-140 and wear about a size 6 and no longer look anything like Codie. Given her age, it’s possible that her body just LOOKS like that. For her sake, I hope her weight reflects her metabolism and age instead of social pressures. I know models are under tremendous pressure to adhere to strict parameters, though, and I really would love to see healthy changes in the industry itself.