Victoria Beckham Boosts Sales Of To Kill A Mockingbird; Cultural Victory Bittersweet

The Daily Mail reports that sales of Harper Lee’s classic To Kill A Mockingbird have risen (on by 123% to #38 in the retailer’s online bestseller chart. This, of course, is due to the fact that Victoria Beckham had a baby recently and named the infant “Harper Seven,” in a tribute to Harper Lee (allegedly Victoria’s favorite author) and also something about spirituality and Seinfeld. She also introduced the infant via Twitter, in a very Harper Lee move.

Related: this is a good (if not extremely petty and underhanded) time to dredge up that instance where a Spanish journalist quoted Victoria as saying, “I’ve never read a book in my life.” In Beckham’s defense, she claims this was a problem of translation.

This is an artist's rendering of Harper Beckham

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    • Eileen

      She’s also said that she worked very hard in school and got good grades (yes, I was a dork for the Spice Girls), so I tend to believe the translation error. And if the name can spread the book to countries where it isn’t required reading for all high school freshmen (doesn’t every American high school read TKAM?), then good. You haven’t read the book any less, whatever your reasons may be. (Personally, I read TKAM for the first time because my seventh-grade English teacher really liked it, and I had a crush on him. It would not be the last book I read because of a boy and loved for itself.)