Kim Kardashian Is Suing Old Navy For Using A Model That Looks Like Her

Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for using a model that looks like her in a jeans commercial. The spot features a woman by the name of Melissa Molinaro singing about her fabulous lifestyle or some such. Kardashian’s legal time is alleging that the ad has done $15 million to $20 million to her, uh, brand.

Since I don’t have a law degree, I’ll ask: isn’t this protected as parody? How do we even know it’s supposed to be Kim Kardashian? Because she has a side ponytail?

Either way, there’s far too much spelling in this ad for me to believe it’s about a Kardashian.

We’re not yet sure if Kim is suing because she finds the ad offensive or is worried about the dilution of her brand. I would not put it past a Kardashian to sue for the publicity (maybe Kim’s just racist?). While you ponder these questions, here is a series of unrelated images.

(via TMZ)

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    • MsBorgia

      Apart from being a control freak…

      I don’t think KK has anything to go on here because she has no outstanding qualities that CAN be parodied. Just a pointy chin and a big butt. There are a lot of women who happen to look kind of like her. And no, her “music career” doesn’t count since the ad’s music is way better than that piece of crap she released.

      Now, if Old Navy showed their model parading around with her clone sisters and dating a string of basketball/football players, yeah, maybe she would have something resembling a case.

      But probably not.

    • Michelle

      If this was supposed to be KK, wouldn’t they be hawking dem jeans as super K-U-T-E? Just sayin

      • Jillian

        HA!! So true! =D

    • Jon

      If anyone should be suing, it should be the Black Eyed Peas.

      • Odbery

        I second that, though even they don’t have much grounds

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Ha! Agreed.

    • sara

      She’s probably just pissed that her old bf Reggie Bush is dating that chick now. Which–is actually kinda effed up! Not that she is in the right.

      • Meghan

        I was going to say the same thing! He definitely has a “type”…

    • Abigail

      Am I the only one who thinks the model doesn’t look anything like her?? I’ve seen this ad on tv, and I never once thought, “Oh, that looks like KK. NOW I’ll buy those jeans…”

      • Rachel

        I agree. I remember when these ads first came on and I never thought about it looking like her until news outlets started talking about it. I still don’t think it looks like her. Plus, the actress in the ads is singing, and we all know that’s something Kim Kardashian sucks at.

        After listening to “Jam (Turn it Up)”, I don’t see how anyone could think that girl in the Old Navy ad is Kim K.

      • Traci

        No, you aren’t the only one. In my opinion, she looks a lot more like Eva Longoria than KK!!

    • Tabs23

      This is such a great commercial! it made me smile. I really don’t see what grounds KK has for lawsuit or for that matter how shes going to win it. If anything its just more publicity for old navy

    • Coq suqua

      Ok, the girl is better looking, can sing, doesn’t roll in the hay with any old football / basketball player, does not have a massive butt and in my opinion is dead sexy.
      Kk is none of these.
      She’s on cloud cookoo land that tart kk

    • tife tayo

      Shut up kim!! Yea i said it,Ʊ dnt look anytin like that lady,faced sumthing more important like ur LIFE α̲̅πϑ jewel collection.DNT GIVE HER not even ‎​ƛ million

    • MadMaxx63

      Like that useless family doesn’t have enough money or big enough egos. Now any ho looking chick with fake boobs, a huge a$$ and a side ponytial could be miscintrued as a kardashian? Oye, lol…

      PLEASE AMERICA… stop paying into reality TV. I’m actually offended they use the word “star” in reference to them

      • madmaxx63

        Sorry folks… sticky keyboard in Kuwait, lol… misconstrued!

    • Mila Camille

      I think she does remind of Kim Kardashian. Her hair style and clothing plus the way she carries herself. Even her face I would sue too if I were them. Old Navy is known for doing bs like that anyways.

    • kells

      Wow….shrink your head Kim. She’d have to get a butt implant to say they were intentionally using someone who looked like you. Get over yourself.

      • kaylah

        for real u got thats right but u dont know me im just agreeing with u

    • Heather

      She looks like Eva Longoria in some parts and Kim in others. Get over yourself KK. You can’t sue every company who uses a model that bears a slight resemblance to you. Good grief!

    • Michael Lewis

      Seriously? suing Old Navy cause they picked a actress that she feels looks like her? It’d make more sense to sue Molinaro’s parents for producing a daughter that ‘violates’ her ‘trademark look’.
      from what isaw, nothing in that comercial even hints at Kardashian. But, now that she’s pulling this, Old Navy should start with a heavy campaign of ‘she looks like Kim Kardashian, but she’s not’.
      and, I agree with others, Molinaro is better looking than Kardashian.

    • oklahoma

      the 2000s have been the decade of reality shows and pretty talentless little rich girls. KK is one of many.

      Of course MM isnt pretending to be her, she’s too talented to play a real life little rich girl who doesnt do anything.

    • niky

      i think its funny cause she is probs suing cause that girl is dating regie and she is jeal

    • Davia

      looks more like audrina patridge than kim, theres parts where she looks like kim, but now no olive skinned girl can have brunette waves? Kardouchians.