Nightmarish Trend: Over-The-Knee Boots… For Children

“Kids’ designers are taking girls’ boots to new heights for fall ’11,” says WWD, “Detailed with studs, buckles and bows, over-the-knee styles offer a fresh update on the category.” …And then, that’s all they say. Nothing more than that. So, apparently kids’ designers are taking a cue from adult style and funneling that into more mature options for kids. And it’s fresh.

Look, over-the-knee boots (no matter how flat, sensible, unadorned, or demure) are still at least a little sexualized, but fashion has been working away from that for years so let’s set it aside. I guess what I don’t understand is why kids want to dress like adults? One of the best aspects of childhood is getting free license  to dress like a complete crazy person, right?

Ugh, I’m sorry if I seem like I’m moralizing here, but this strikes me as a little off. So…

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We’re only steps away from this!

This is what you call a "slippery slope."

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    • Joanna

      It’s not a real trend until one of the Jolie-Pitts rocks them and we all know that Shiloh won’t go for it.

    • Alex

      I don’t think these even look good on adults.

    • cassie

      i mean, if they’re paired with miniskirts that would be tasteless, but if a little kid wore tall flat boots with jeans or leggings, i don’t think that would be so bad. they are all flat, unlike Julia’s there.

    • Lisa M

      Over-the-knee boots for little kids, worn over pants, are an awesome idea. So many skinned knees will be prevented.

      • alessandro g

        i agree, but they should also make them for boys, for the winter!

      • Emily Cobena

        Yes, it is & it look awesome on small kid, Here, posting of pics is not possible untill I had collection of pics in which a boy wore a super wide calf boot & he was looking amazing.

    • tanya

      Nothing vulgar here, just a little inspiration of puss’n boots or Tom thumb not have bad thoughts, nothing to do with Pretty woman !.