Gallery: Things More Terrifying Than A Two-Headed Albino Snake

There is a two-headed albino California Kingsnake that is on display at a Ukranian zoo until September and he is frightening. This kind of snake only slithers along once every 50 years and is believed to be the only two-headed snake in Europe. (Wait. There could be more?!)

Our little buddy’s (Ed. Note: plural possessive?) heads don’t really like each other: they try to crawl in different directions and have to be separated during feeding time. So maybe having two heads isn’t all that wonderful. …Though I like to think that if I had two heads, I would have excellent conversations with myself.

But! Believe it or not, there are some things out there more frightening than this snake, mostly because they are not in an Eastern European zoo.

  • MelbaToast

    “Baby scorpions are born alive.” Um, isn’t everything born alive, as a general rule?

    • Joanna Arcieri

      Yes… except scorpions aren’t mammals. Instead of being hatched like other arachnids, they are born live.

    • MelbaToast

      My question is, is the moment of birth when the egg is laid or when the animal hatches out of the egg? I would say it’s when it hatches, so everything is born alive. But I see your point.

  • Chickalupe

    D’aww! *ahem* (Sorry, slipped out!) I’m one of the minority who loves snakes and always has… I have a bit of a snake obsession actually, and would gladly own that two-headed cutie. Everything else on the list (that’s not a snake) I could do without, though. :D

  • Brittnee

    This article is genius.

  • edi

    I’d still eat the shit out of that strawberry. Just sayin’.