Video: Child Bride Courtney Stodden And Husband Doug Hutchison Give Another Creepy Interview

Why can’t I stop clicking on things about Courtney Stodden? For the same reason as everyone else: I want to know what her deal is. Is she on drugs, an abuse survivor, or independently crazy? Why does she insist on licking her lips and writhing every moment she’s on camera? I feel slightly guilty about wanting to know these things (of course, how guilty we’ll all ultimately feel will depend on what the answers turn out to be). But God dammit if I don’t still really want to know.

The couple’s latest interview doesn’t really answer any of these questions, but I feel we may be moving closer. Here are some pertinent tidbits:

1.) When asked how they met, she says it was “kind of a mutual friend” while explaining that Doug has a mutual friend with her MOTHER. That is not the same thing. But it makes me wonder: does Courtney have any friends her age? She left school some time ago, so I’m guessing she doesn’t. She talked about being bullied for the way she looked in another interview; I’m going to go out on a limb and guess she was pretty lonely when she met this dude. I find it hard to believe that a kid with a strong support network would up and marry a 51-year-old.

2.) Either Courtney’s body makes its own drugs, or she is high as a Courtney-Love-shaped kite. The constant writhing in her seat, licking her lips, posing like she is ever-so-turned-on, and glassy eyes make it seem like she’s been snorting speed balls. Also: the way she says “MMM-HMM” every ten seconds like she’s SNL’s Stefon.

3.) When asked about Courtney losing her virginity, Doug tries to play it cool, but Courtney goes ahead and calls him a tiger, and then he says “you’re so bad” and puts his face in her titties. This is obviously gross. But beyond that, I’m a little concerned about how hyper-sexualized she is. As some of you pointed out before, this is often a symptom of abuse. We don’t know too much about her mother, but so far her parenting skills do not seem to have much to recommend them.

4.) Courtney has an overblown sense of how famous she is. She uses phrases like “captivated the nation” and “fell in love and ignited the world” to describe their relationship. She also blames any criticism she’s gotten on sad, jealous haters (OH NO SHE DIDN’T!). This is textbook narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) behavior. Maybe she really is wise (and sociopathic) beyond her years, and saw an opportunity to ride a freaky relationship with an emotionally stunted b-list actor to tabloid fame. I know he talks like a cult leader, but it’s possible he’s the one getting played here.

What do you think?

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    • Emily

      Two remarks.
      She must be on drugs.
      And he seems like a major creeep.
      The end.

    • klee

      diet pills

      (and he seems like a major creep)

    • stephanie

      I think her face is permanently stuck in that “I’ll strip for your publicity” seduction pout. Almost like she has a sexual tic maybe? Bahaha probably from all the bleach in her hair seeping through. Oh and drugs. That’s just me though… MHM. I know it’s giving her more publicity but i fucking love laughing at her videos. It’s like watching an alien experiment or something!

    • Lindsey

      My theory: he thinks she’s hot and she thinks it will get her into acting/singing/reality star.

      THE ONLY issue is that she’s 16. I wouldn’t consider a 16 year old a ‘child’ or an 18 year old an ‘adult’. I mean, isn’t 16 the age of consent in a lot of places? If this had happened in Canada it would be a little sleazy, but in America it’s “OH MAH GOSH, IS THIS LEGAL? WHAT! WHAT!”

      Assuming that someone MUST be emotionally unstable or abused for seeking a life outside of normalcy is a bit much.

      Though the fact that her upper lip doesn’t seem to move is weird.

    • Fabel

      I mean… maybe she’s really insecure in front of the camera & makes up for it with super-sexual body language? Like, just too aware of the camera & thinks that being overly sexy will translate for the viewer into “oh, she’s beautiful”

    • Sara

      I promise it’s not just because he’s holding a tiny dog but my gaydar is picking him up…

      • Anna J

        Exactly. She wants to be Paris Hilton, he wants to be with a man. Or dog, maybe.

    • LaLa

      I think she’s just perfected the art of the Slutface

    • Isabel


      WHAT the fuck.
      HAHAHA this is not real…sorry. She is just blatantly not a real person.

    • Erin

      Flying on the wings of love mmmhmm…

    • Confused

      She might be a sexbot. She’s constantly looking him up and down and undressing him with her eyes. It’s just not human.
      When he asked her to marry him she probably said “mmhmm”.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I need to stop watching this but I can’t and it’s terrible.

      • Paige V.I.

        I’ve watched this like 2o times… it is absolutely absurd. i don’t know what to do about it… but keep watching it.

    • curlytops69

      Rolling on ectasy! She is tweeking bad! That is just pathetic and disgusting. Someone needs to interview her parents and see what they think about this interview. And he seems gay to me. Makes you wonder what he is really doing with her. Mmhmm

    • Jennifer

      Oh dear lord, she is tweeking hard.

    • JazzyJ

      WTF is up with her face expressions? every interview it never fails! she makes these drugged up/comedic (fake ass) facial expressions! Like why? what is behind that?
      or the shtick of their “love”, they are both sickening and shes two years younger than me yet looks 20-25 years older.

      This has to be a hoax or the publicity stunt of the century! AND lmao at the “people saying evil things cause their lives aren’t as good as ours” line, oh dear you barely have a life without your parents or him to drive you around to do these exploitative interviews in which you cease to make an even bigger fool of yourself

    • Lauren

      This is so sickening. And there is no way that she is a Christian. What a joke. Gross. Gross. Gross.

    • Brownsa

      The facial grimacing is a result of drug use–either from crack cocaine or crystal meth.

    • Monique

      She’s on drugs and his demeanor scares me. He honestly seems super creepy, like I wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with him. But he simultaneously set off my gaydar. She is definitely tweaking though. There is no way a normal, healthy human being thinks those faces are in any way attractive to make in an interview. It seemed too unconscious!