Poll: Have You Ever Drastically Changed Your Hair Color?

Amidst news of poverty, destruction and famine, one story stands out above all: Katy Perry has changed her hair color.

The shocking alteration, in which the pop star went from black to blonde, was debuted yesterday on MTV News. Katy had been stuck with a ginger hue for the past few weeks, as an in-between from dark to light, which anyone who has made a similar switch knows is best for follicles, so as not to cause tremendous breakage or get the color horrifically wrong.

So, in light of this news, I wonder: have you ever made a similar change? For the record, I have not. I am a total pussy when it comes to my hair. I’ve had blond highlights or nothing at all since age 12.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • stephanie

      She *is* going back to her natural hair color though so probably not a big change in that light. If you do a search for pictures of her when she was a christian singer and she’s got REALLY blonde hair…

    • Jon

      I’m so attracted to her. She is the anti-Emma Watson. She is dumb, slutty, and has an awesome bosom.

    • Laurae

      I had to go from natural light strawberry blonde to dark red for a play last summer, and then from that to dark brown for a different play. I can’t emphasize how differently I was treated by men after I went from light blonde to dark red. Guys smoking outside bars would yell and catcall at me, more guys would approach me in bars, restaurants, etc. I wonder if because it clearly wasn’t natural and was a “bold” color, they assumed I was sluttier. I wasn’t, but I guess I should have taken advantage. P.S. – going from chestnut brown back to natural blonde is a real bitch.

    • Noodles

      I’ve gone from mahogany to red. I love the colour, though I wasn’t prepared for the amount of attention it would get me. I get random people in the street coming up to me and commenting on how nice my ‘natural’ hair colour is. It’s weird.

    • Odbery

      My hair has been every colour of the rainbow and then some. Sticking with the natural hue now though, my follicles need a vacation.

    • Sam

      I hate to be a downer, but it’s somewhat sexist to use the word “pussy” as a negative term regarding being cowardly or afraid to do something. :( I love thegloss and its pro-female stance on most things, so this surprised me and I think it deserves mentioning.

    • Gracie

      I am a natural dark redhead but have bleached it blonde because I wanted a change and was sick of being defined by it the whole time. It was a pain because red is the hardest colour to get out but its looking good now. :)