Tyra Banks Is Promoting Her New Science Fiction Modeling Novel, Unhinged

This is a video of Tyra Banks on Good Morning America that you will likely find incoherent and unnerving. Tyra Banks wears a sparkly golden wing over her eye the entire time. It’s called a Smize and it increases your chances of becoming an Intoxibella by 91%*. No, really, this all makes sense. To Tyra. Who is now an author.


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    • crackerjackie

      The real story:

      A bird flew into Tyra’s forehead and she couldn’t get the whole thing off so she said eff it, sprayed the damn thing gold and came up with a book about it to make it less awkward. It didn’t.

    • Magda

      If she can get a novel published, than DAMN IT! so can I….

      This just makes me want to redouble my efforts to get on to reality TV because (LOGIC!) this is the key to a book deal. =)

    • rahrah

      so its like harry potter for models