What’s Your Favorite Swear Word?

Have you seen this new website where they make swear words look all pretty? It’s called Beautiful Swear Words! You’ll want to click though if only to see the completion of this meticulously etched word. On that note, we also have favorite swear words.

My favorite swearword is “donkeyfucker.” I like it because it’s a little unexpected. Ashley’s is asshole, because she a traditionalist. What is yours Why do you like it? Why do you cuss so much? Are you a drunken pirate?


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    • Lisa

      Favorite swear for good things: hot damn!
      Favorite swear for bad things: fuck!

    • kjon


    • jen

      Shitsnacks, or shittastic.

    • Colleen

      For unbelievable things – “Oh my gay jumping Jesus”
      For insulting people – “Fuck your face”
      For unfortunate happenings to me – “Aw, fuck MY face.”
      Bad things – “Oh godmuthafuckindammit”
      Good things – “FuckyeahFriday”

    • Natalie

      I’m a traditionalist myself, holy fuck is as creative as it gets. Guess I’m just an old fashioned lady that way.
      Although, I prefer threats to cuss words to people who piss me off, one of the favorites being “I’ll scratch your eyes off, or I’m going to chew your head off”

    • Lindsey

      Cunt. It’s really lovely because it even sounds like a bad word. With those harsh, hard sounds. Otherwise it’s damn.

    • Arnie


      I’m also inordinately fond of calling someone a wanker.

    • Cazamaline

      Shitehawk- it’s a term of abuse rather than an actual curse but I absolutely love it (it’s an Irish thing, it means to misbehave, eg “There was a gang of young fellas shitehawking out on the street last night”)

      Otherwise, balls is my most-used curse

    • Dove


      always fuck.

    • MM

      Whenever I’m really surprised/frustrated/angry I shout FUCK A DUCK!! It’s the best expression because it makes everyone giggle and laughter makes you happy!

    • RJ

      As a female I just luv to use CUNT! In my opinion it is NOT gender specific!Some of the biggest CUNTS I know are MEN! It is the sleazy slimy way you live your life!Oh, also a great acronym, Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!Just an all around versital non gender specific word. And in the immortal words of Popeye,”If you am one, you am one!” God knows sometimes in life you meet a person that . . .just am one!!!