• Fri, Jul 22 2011

Can You Judge A Man’s Attractiveness Based On His Shoes?

There’s a pretty funny article that appeared on Thought Catalog this week about judging a man’s attractiveness based on his shoes. As much as the whole post is a joke, there isn’t really… a point with which… we disagree. So, from flip-flops to five-toed feet and dorky workout shoes… which shoes are the worst?

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Or, have you ever looked at a man’s vintage ADIDAS or beat-up Chucks or old school Asics and thought to yourself, “I would totally have sex with him”?

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  • Danielle


  • Lisa

    I would have said Crocs had I not met a hot, hot man who was an exception to my “rule” years ago. Smokin’.

  • MM

    YES YES YES. I judge men first on their hairdos and second on their shoes.

  • Lindsey

    The football players at my dorm… crocs and socks. With basketball shirts… it’s like they TRIED to look awful.