Queen Elizabeth II Hates The Display Of Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton’s full wedding look is currently on display at Buckingham Palace, featuring her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown, her tiara, her shoes and even the wedding cake. During a walk-through of the exhibit, Queen Elizabeth declared it “horrible.” Actually.

Press outlets are speculating that the monarch found the display (featuring a headless mannequin in a “dimly lit ballroom” surrounded by shadows) “creepy,” while Middleton was very diplomatic, praising the “3D effect.”

You can decide for yourself:

She kind of has a point.


(via WWD)

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    • S.A.

      This reminds of the scene in Beetlejuice when they summon Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin in their wedding clothes. So I’m going to go with creepy. Queen’s favor FTW!

      • Lauren

        That’s exactly what I was going to comment!

    • Megan

      Queen wins. Of course, Americans agreeing with her may change her mind.

      • epilonious

        Everything about this comment is priceless in a way that makes me want to give you money.

    • crackerjackie

      Definitely creepy. The highlight of it is the boob shadow which is a shame because it is such a gorgeous dress!

      ps- I didn’t know the northeast was the third circle of hell.. keep cool girls wish i had a frozen margarita right about now!

    • Karen

      Seriously creepy. Too bad the plans for this weren’t
      hacked so it could have been prevented.

    • ashyr

      It’s a reminder of the grey lady in harry potter and the deathly hallows waiting to fit the wedding gown in displays.

    • Johanna

      Anyone else notice Middleton praised the “3D effect” of an actual 3D object she was viewing IRL? “Real things” with three dimensions will actually appear to be in 3D! who knew.

    • Vivienne

      The Queen, once again, showing her experience and wisdom. Having the tiara and veil (with no head to hold it up) looks definitely creepy.

    • Crystal

      Yeah, it’s definitely creepy. Very 80s Beetlejuice-esque.

    • Diana fan

      I can see why the queen thinks it’s horrible. Very tacky! Kate praised the 3d effect, but it is the actual thing

    • Diana fan

      I can see what the queen thinks it’s horrible. It is! Kate praised the 3d effect on an actual thing which is really 3D anyway. Kate is a bit dumb. Duh.