Video: Courtney Stodden Gets Scolded By A Priest

America’s favorite weird couple are really making the rounds, aren’t they? In their latest interview, which took place on “The Father Albert Show,” Doug takes a question about whether or not Courtney needs to go to college and manages to answer, essentially, that there’s plenty of education for Courtney in his pants. “We’re hopefully educating each other,” he says. “What we’re here to do is to touch each other and to love each other as best we can.” All together now: eeeeeew.

I know this is all our collective fault for paying attention, and yet…I still can’t look away. When will it end?

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    • niamh

      Please, why did he have to say ‘touch each other’. Mouth vom.

    • Candy

      She looked slightly less deranged in this one. Still managed to match her bra strap to her lucite heels though!

    • kjon

      I’m not familiar with the Father Albert Show but is that get-up a tad inappropriate given she’s talking to a priest? I know it’s not a church (and she may not be Catholic) but, uh, maybe consider covering up those bra straps. Yeah, bitch we see them and those shoes. Clear plastic does not equal invisible.

      Why do I even ask? This is clearly performance art.

    • Audrey

      Creepy… she should consider a strapless bra (or a dress with straps, maybe) and some non-stripper shoes.

    • Jessica Ogilvie

      I just wish someone would tell her to stop laughing at every question and answer. It’s so fucking uncomfortable! A shirt, and less braying laughter would really work wonders.