Photoshop Of Horrors: H&M Erases Model’s Head

In the above photo, the H&M model is photoshopped pretty drastically. Her legs have both been weirdly reduced, and if you look closely you can see that her left hand has miraculously become almost webbed.

But that’s nothing compared to this:

Put simply: WHERE IS HER HEAD?

[via Photoshop Disasters]

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    • Denise

      The head missing is simply funny. What weirds me out is her legs. Especially the one on the left of the pic. What is with her knee???

    • miinxi

      umm has anyone noticed the random hand action? like another hand has been placed on another models body. was this pic in a magazine / online catalogue? where was it found? maybe it was scrapped?

    • secretivity

      The image in question is digitally generated, rather than a real photograph or the product of someone manually piecing it together in photoshop. It’s not a classic photoshop error at all. This is an error in a interactiv­e virtual model software system. You can mix and match clothing to make different outfits. The model is entirely fake (apart from the face), the clothes are all photograph­­ed separately and then composited into the actual image on the site when the user chooses the items. Obviously, bugs happen. With over 1 million combinatio­­ns, there can be errors.

      Please visit­/dressing­r­oom to see it in action, or go to http://loo­­ to see the concept played out with more than just clothes from H&M.

    • Monique

      So, pretty soon models will be out of a job. There is something really creepy about that.

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