How Badly Do You Want To Live In The Mushroom House?

Apparently this house was commissioned back in the late 1960s and finished in the 1970s. Affectionately called the “Mushroom House,” it’s located in Pittsford New York, and features five separate pod-homes, including a patio, office and guest area.

It’s now on the market, listed at a cool $1.1 million. (Call me crazy, but living as I do in L.A. where real estate is stupid expensive, that actually seems surprisingly low).

Get it while it’s hot.

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    • MsBorgia

      I live 15 minutes away from this house!

    • Lindsay Cross

      I would almost consider living in the state of New York for this house. It looks like so much fun.

    • Solandia

      What a childish dream! Love it!