• Mon, Jul 25 2011

The Best Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

You think you can’t wear red lipstick because you are too pale/dark/leprous? We’re going to prove you wrong!

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  • Qwert11

    This was not helpful at all. Halle berry is not dark, not by a long shot. Stop ignoring the Alex wex and grace jones of complexions. People like this do exist ya know! Your spectrum is incomplete!

    • Liz

      If you had read what she wrote, you would have noticed that she was going to use Rutina Wesley from True Blood as a reference for the Dark Skin Woman, but since Halle’s last name is BERRY…. she did it for a pun on the word BERRY…. so her spectrum really isn’t incomplete if you know who Rutina Wesley is…..

  • Lisa

    I missed you, Jennifer Wright!

  • Lil’Fel Rocks the World

    What about indian people?!? Throw some bollywood babes up there, girl.
    (ps. I’m brown).

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  • Kat

    What about Revlon’s Fire and Ice, Elizabeth Taylor’s go-to colour? It’s the ultimate and looks amazing on everyone!

  • Laura

    Useless article. Only 4 photos of skin examples and 4 lip sticks? Not helpful

  • asdfghjkl

    i found that leprosy joke really bitchy, insulting, and low. maybe it was meant to be funny, but it isn’t. also, what about olive skin? not a very helpful slideshow, imo.