Alexa Chung Is Getting Another Show

Apparently there are a million fashion reality shows on the horizon and Alexa Chung is getting one of them (sidenote: anyone have an update on her PBS show, Thrift America?). WWD has the details:

Lifetime [is] working on a show tentatively titled “24-Hour Catwalk” hosted by Alexa Chung that pits designers against each other in runway challenges.

So, hopefully it isn’t a carbon copy of every other fashion reality show ever. But even if it is, is Alexa enough of a draw (especially in America)? Will you watch? Do you have “fashion reality televisio”n fatigue?

…Do you have “every kind of reality television” fatigue?

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    • Jon

      As much as I adore everything Emma, Alexa Chung is the only one who basically owns her ass when it comes to clothing. The concept sounds so lame. Couldn’t we get a show where she basically sits around talking about fashion and music? I’d much rather watch that.

    • macalny

      “Another” show? Who the hell is Alexa Chung and why does she have even one show? Is she a draw somewhere other than America, as the article implies? How many banal shows can “creators” come up with and why do people watch them? Do. Not. Understand.

      • Jon

        You are why America is lame.

    • Jorge

      Yea.. what Jon said.