Katy Perry Is “That Guy” At The Premiere Of The Smurfs

You’ve all seen “that guy.” The one who wears the t-shirt of the band he is going to see, just in case you doubt his true fandom, or maybe in case he forgets where he is. If “that guy” were ever confronted with the object of his rock and roll affections, he’d probably react in a most un-chill fashion.

No so with Katy Perry. At the NYC premiere of The Smurfs, she rocked this concept so hard she turned it right around and made it awesome. With a smurf dress, blue shoes and makeup, and smurf-tastic fingernails, her outfit was all smurf, all the time. It helps that she is actually in the movie as the voice of Smurfette; I guess a full-body smurf suit would’ve been too literal, even for her. Look at her working the blue carpet with Papa Smurf:

Is it just me, or does it seem like Katy really likes a man in a fur suit?

Tangentially related: is it just me, or does this look like an excellent movie to see with the help of some jazz cigarettes and some Funyuns?

(Via Styleite)

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    • Jenna

      She looks so stupid on so many levels. Does anyone else hate the blonde hair on her? I think it’s funny her real name is Katy Hudson so she changed it to ‘Perry’ so she could not be associated with already famous Kate Hudson, and now she wants to be in movies and is changing her hair so people don’t realize if they want an actual actress who looks like her there’s zooey deschanel…

    • Jon

      Yes, more Katy P. She is all breasts which is awesome. “The Smurfs” looks like the dumbest thing ever though. I’m sorry.

    • Stephanie

      Katy Perry is so gorgeous! She just has that face and body that can never look wrong. Although her outfit choice here was a serious misfire. And I kinda like the new blonde do.

    • Jinx

      Not digging the blond hair on her. It looks yellow and icky. Shame, since she really is gorgeous.