Rachel Zoe Has A $1,100 Louis Vuitton Bag… For Her Baby

One striking aspect of celebrity culture is that the people who can afford to drop $1100 on a designer bag are typically the ones getting them for free. Case in point, Rachel Zoe just got a monogrammed Speedy from Louis Vuitton with new baby Skyler’s initials. I guess because LV was really psyched that she reproduced. Or, maybe, possibly, potentially want the celebristylist to be photographed toting their handbag.

She then gushed on Twitter, asking, “Is Skyler to young too have his first LV? So MAJ for a new diaper bag! DIE! Thoughts? XoRZ”.

Later, she did a little disclosing: “Sending a big, stylish thank you to @LouisVuitton_US for Skyler’s insane gift on his 4 month birthday! :)”

So, uh… is fourth months too young? I mean, obviously, a diaper bag isn’t technically for a baby, but…

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    • marylfinch

      Ofcourse not! My daughter ( whos 2 months old) has the same bag that we use for her weekend getaway clothes and we use the gucci diaper bag as her everyday one.. No child is too young for the finer things in life:)… my opinion;) http://bit.ly/nuZOFU