Harry Potter-Themed Weddings: How Do You Feel?

Photo courtesy of Bridal Guide/Geoff White Photography

So, some people love Harry Potter. And I’m one of them! I really do. I loved the books, loved the movies (haven’t seen this last one yet so DON’T FUCKING TELL ME…oh wait), and think the actors are adorable.

But even I think that theming your wedding around a young adult fiction series seems like a bit much. I mean, sure, weddings should be fun, but something about a Harry Potter-themed nuptials makes me feel like these are two individuals who are perhaps lost in some fantasy-land notion of life and love. Like, Harry Potter isn’t real. Marriage is. Harry Potter is a fairy tale. Marriage isn’t. Marriage is fucking SERIOUS, OK?!

Anyway, yes, that is me being a judgmental asshole. What about you?

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    • Katie

      It’s decided, I’m having a Harry Potter theme for my wedding. Now to find a groom….

    • Samuel

      I’d so have a Harry Potter wedding. Just because you’re having one doesn’t mean you’re immature and not ready to get married. So yes, you are being a little judgmental… HOWEVER, I won’t spoil the movie for you just because of that.

    • ALS

      I think it’s kind of awesome. Better than some of the other crappy wedding themes out there like “falling into love” in the fall. It makes the wedding fun and memorable, and just because you have a fun theme, doesn’t mean you’re not ready to get married. It just means you have an imagination.

    • Jessi

      I love it, and would rather go to a wedding like this than a traditional one. Marriage is serious, but that doesn’t mean the wedding has to be.

    • Eileen

      I’m with you, Jessica. Partly because I think that a “theme” is silly (it’s a wedding; isn’t that enough of a “theme”?) but mostly because people take Harry Potter way too seriously. There were four undergraduate schools at my college, and everyone felt the need to name them after the Hogwarts houses. It was funny the first time, but after awhile it just got annoying (did you know there are apparently college “Quidditch” leagues? I’m not sure how they play a sport that requires flying broomsticks, but they do) Harry Potter is not real life! (I feel the same way about Star Trek or Lord of the Rings fans, for the record – you can love the story while recognizing that it is made-up.)

      Then again, I feel like I would probably hate any couple who actually seriously considered a Harry Potter themed wedding, so I either wouldn’t be invited or would have no interest in going. So I guess it’s kind of a moot point.

    • Stella

      The best, cutest wedding I ever attended was a Star Wars themed wedding. The bride’s dress was modeled after Princess Leia, there were Leia and Han cake toppers – and her father was dissuaded from attending as Darth Vader.

      Harry Potter isn’t my thing the way, say, Star Wars is. But Themed weddings can be a great, adorable, charming way to show your compatibility with someone. Get over your judgment, no one having themed weddings actually thinks they’re wizards/elves/members of the Rebel Alliance.

      And for the record, Harry Potter has a pretty high death toll. Sounds like marriage to me.

    • Vawn

      If I had the means, I would absolutely love a Harry Potter/Wizard wedding! It’s no different then being married at the beach, or in Las Vegas by Elvis. When you are taking this huge step into marriage, you want to be surrounded by things that are comfortable, that’s why the family is there… and food. As long as Harry Potter has been in some people’s lives, it could be a comforting factor.

    • LaLa

      All I know is, if I went to this wedding and got seated at the Hufflepuff table I would be uber-pissed.

    • LatteLove

      Do you feel the same way about fairy-tale style or Disney themed weddings?
      I don’t see why this is any different. It’s one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read, so while it would be my style to theme my wedding with it, I don’t know why its so scary.

    • Kim

      I’d rather have that than a Twilight-themed wedding, and I say this as a former Twilighter. My cousin had a Spongebob-themed wedding, so I’ve seen far worse.

    • joules

      I can’t take anyone serious who writes, ” Like, Harry Potter isn’t real. Marriage is. Harry Potter is a fairy tale. Marriage isn’t. Marriage is fucking SERIOUS, OK?!”. What are you a reject from the Valley? Marriage should fun. You are making a vow to love each other until you DIE. As a person who is married I can say that is a serious vow…near unbreakable. Why not have a little fun with the wedding. I’ve been to several that were themed. Some Disney, some that were Tropical themed and a few that were geek-tastic. All were special in their own way because the two people chose to join in union in that manner. Frankly when you aren’t the one footing the bill…you have no room to be judgmental! Harry Potter themed? Sure, why not!

    • Mari

      Yes, marriage is serious, but a wedding is not. A wedding is a big party. Also, are effing kidding me? We live in a time where being a “Bridezilla” is celebrated. As long as the wedding isn’t the focal point of the relationship and they couple is actually looking forward to being married, I don’t see the problem.

    • frankie

      omg u could make un-breakable vow’s instead of normal vows,
      and you could walk down the aisle with the theme music, omg i jus planned my whole wedding gr8! And i could wear the msa edress as fluer was for her wedding!