Real Talk: What Are The Best Songs For Sex Playlists?

For today’s Real Talk, we spoke with a bunch of people about sonic backdrops for sex. Rather, the exact question I asked was, “Have you ever made a sex playlist? If so, what was on it? If not, what would be?” The response was split pretty evenly between “Ha! I have never thought to play music during sex!” and “Oh god! I am so mortified by music I played as a teenager during sex.” Here are some brief explanations and sex playlist suggestions from the likes of AC/DC, The Weakerthans, Spiritualized, Mobb Deep, Tool, The Weeknd, My Bloody Valentine and more. Mostly people are just really embarrassed.

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    • Jamie Peck

      It’s spelled “nu metal.” (You know, for extra awfulness.) Also, Tool is not nu metal. It’s prog rock that a lot of shitty nu metal dudes like.

      Big yes to everyone who said shoegaze.

      Also, disappointed this list does not have more real suggestions. You shouldn’t stop liking music after high school, people.


        ilike your angals

    • Fabel

      NIN “Closer” because I thought that would be so cool (it was, sort of?)

      • Carrie

        I was wondering where that was on these lists! Still gets my vote

    • Rachel

      If I’m in the mood for naughtier/strip-show preluded sex, I find Sleigh Bells newest album, “Treats” is great stripping/sex music.

      Most of the time I have no music going during sex though.

    • Magda

      I dont know what it is about Blues music, but it always puts me in the mood.

      I’ve never had sex with music, but after sex, this guy put on music and he picked “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon and I thought it was SUPER cheesey and was just like, “Really?” And he got offended and was like, “What did you want me to put ‘Sex on Fire’” And in my head I was like, At least then I would have known you have a sense of humor…

      • porkchop

        that’s really funny!

    • Lisa

      “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and/or “Right Down the Line” by Gerry Rafferty and/or other things, whatever it feels like.

    • emma

      The XX exists solely to produce sexytime tracks (entire first album, plus remixes like “you got the love”). But if you’re feeling a little hip hop, songs similar to these 3 are good :
      Surviving the Times- Nas
      Hurt Me Soul- Lupe Fiasco
      Acid Raindrops- People Under the Stairs

      And if you’re especially awesome, put on anything by Thieves Like Us (ex: “Shyness”)

    • stephania

      not deftones???????? not marley????
      btw the smell like teen spirit jazz and 90´s version is pure sex
      there is something really wrong with this playlist

    • Tan

      What about regeatton? I once had a guy actually have a playlist made entirely of Pitbull wannabes.
      Also y’all forget R. Kelly…

    • Cassieleigh

      I know OK GO seems mostly kinda silly but some of their songs are all-time awesome.

    • Erin

      although i never purposely put on music when having sex I submit Liz Phair Exile in Guyville. It was the album playing the first time i ever really heavily made out with a guy in HS and I still would associate it with being super sexy.

    • Jen

      MAXWELL. End of story.

    • Tsk

      To Slide 6, My Bloody Valentine is considered a pioneer of shoegaze, and is not the “bullshit” trip hop you claim. You’re probably confused them with Massive Attack, which is just as awesome as shoegaze. Before you try to sound all holier-than-thou, know your sh*t.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        The person who wrote that definitely wasn’t implying MBV is trip-hop. He knows better.

    • Naomi

      Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” album, bar none. His voice was pretty much like an orgasm anyway.


      It’ spelled ”nu metal also,