A Closer Look At Katy Perry’s Nails At ‘The Smurfs’ Premiere

By now you already know that Katy Perry was “that guy” at the premiere of her new movie, “The Smurfs.” But what you may not have noticed is that her nails were painted with full-on portraits of the little blue guys; one per nail.

Perry is known for her wacky nail creations, ranging from gumballs to the royal newlyweds. It’s a gimmick, but whatever – if I bled money, I would probably have someone create new art on my nails every day too. Wouldn’t you?

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    • adrianne lukas

      Wow! She’s no doubt, the coolest girl rocking the music industry now!


    • Jon

      Cute….but where are her breasts?

    • Mags

      This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen! The movie looks bad enough, she has no shame

    • Karen

      Smurf press-ons. This is what bleeding money gets you? Ok whatever. I’m thinking they’re worth about $19.99. Cmon.

    • IhateHater

      Hey Mags , guess what no one cares if you think they are ugly ! just get off of here . they are adorable & no one wants to here your negativity