Poll: Do You Love Your Job?

Here’s a little secret: here at The Gloss, most of use are doing what we love to do, workwise. (I don’t actually have hard data on that, but if that’s not true for anyone, who are you, and why would you write if you hate it?) I, for one, consider myself pretty lucky to get the chance to do what I want to do for a living.

But I appreciate it more — much more — having suffered through jobs that I did not particularly care for (hate is such a strong word…). There were the retail years, the waitressing years, and of course, the nonprofit years. I learned something during all of those jobs, but mostly, I learned that I didn’t want to be doing any of them.

So, what about you? Are you doing what you love to do, or do you have your eyes on the prize — a prize that happens to be located in a different field?

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    • Lisa

      School counts as a job, right? Like, college?

      • WYLTK

        No, not really

    • August S.

      I’m “other”, as in “right now I’m very happy with my job, and ecstatic with it’s perks… which doesn’t stop me from recognizing that it’s not something I want to still be doing in 10, or even 5 years.”

      And yes, my job IS international-man-of-mystery/nail-polish-namer; how did you guess?

    • Lauren

      I absolutely hate my job. I cry in the bathroom at least once and week.

      If you know of anywhere in NYC hiring a website designer/developer/content manager/I’ll do anything other than sell drugs let me know.

    • Brittnee

      My summer jobs as a student tend to be rather horrendous. Last summer I worked at a country- themed restaurant/ bar (seriously) for less than minimum wage, that attracted potentially the worst clientele in existence….. and this summer I’m living the dream at Wal- Mart, which is best left without description.

      These sorts of jobs do make me appreciate my education though, which is a plus!

    • Arnie

      I’m technically somewhat unemployed at the moment (which is kind of awesome in its own right, aside from the lack of money coming in), but in three weeks I move to America to spend a year as an au pair, which I hope will be something I absolutely love.

      It’s certainly not what I want to do long term (Air Traffic Control), but suits what I want to be doing with my life right now, which is the most important thing, I think.

      I don’t think I could ever stay in a job I hated. Not unless there was absolutely nothing else I could do, but I expect people will always have kids that need looking after, so I reckon I’ve got a pretty solid fallback.

    • M

      I absolutely love my job, but it’s almost completely unrelated to what I want to do for a career. I picked up a part-time delivery driving job about a year ago because I’m a full-time student in trade school, and it turned out to be with a start-up that has grown substantially. Now I’m the Driver Manager [hiring, training, coordinating, etc] as well as still doing deliveries. The money is excellent for a part-time job, I love driving and I love the people I work with, they clearly like me, the concept and products are great, and if the company continues to grow I might shelve what I’m going to school for and run with it [at least temporarily]. I have another year of full-time school, so I’ll see what opportunities present themselves.

    • Jamie Peck

      MY JOB SUX. I mean, I like it okay but the people I work with are such sluts that sometimes it’s hard to concentrate what with all the whore mist floating around. <3