Shopping Guide: How To Wear A Sundress At Any Age

The simple sundress has been a staple in summer wardrobes for years, but many women (of all ages) seem to have trouble finding ones that flatter the shape of their body over time. That balance (of an everyday essential and something that flatters different ages) is hard to maintain in many pieces, but here are a few sundresses–ranging from the graphic and eye-catching for teens to the sophisticated and lovely 50s–to help you beat the heat (and look fantastic while doing so) for any age.

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    • missy

      Am I not allowed to show cleavage ever again now that I am 30?

      • Jillian Lucas

        These are actually the only dresses you’re allowed to wear, ever again, now that you’re 30.

    • Eileen

      I want the red polka dot one. Eight more years!

    • OG

      Well that’s sad, I actually own that Free People dress. Does it count if I’m built like a teenager?

    • Corporate Tool

      That Dorothy Perkins dress is stunning. I want to start a movement to bring back sleeves!

    • MM

      My favourite dress is the spitting image of the second-last one and I’m 21. No wonder my friends say I’m an ‘old soul’.

    • JayEm

      Forties. Not Fourties.