Young Fashion Bloggers Go Barefaced For “The Confidence Movement”

Tavi Gevinson and a couple of her colleagues in fashion blogging have all begun posing for pictures sans makeup as part of something called “The Confidence Movement.” According to Stylecaster, this project “was initiated to combat the rise in negative self-image amongst teens,” and in particular, to “increase self-confidence, particularly in youth, in this harsh, media-driven perfection-hungry world.” I’m a little confused about who actually started this “movement” (the passive language and lack of links in its online coverage is strange), but whoever had it, it seems like a good idea in theory.

In addition to Tavi Gevinson, so far bloggers Kristin Prim and Mark Indelicato have also accepted the challenge, posting pictures of themselves that are make-up (and fancy hair styling) free:

As you can see, they all look pretty darn good without makeup on. Is this going to make regular, non-fashion-blogger teens realize that they don’t need to glop makeup onto their smooth child-faces in order to look nice? Or is it only going to make them feel worse about their disobedient hair and non-perfect skin? According to Stylecaster’s quote from the press release, “only 36% of seventh graders say they like the way they look,” and that is sad. It seems like this campaign has its heart in the right place, but maybe they should try expanding outside the circle of super-cute fashion bloggers to show a more diverse range of actual teenagers. In an age where pretty much everyone is posting pictures of themselves online, this shouldn’t be too hard. (Sigh.) Then again, the kinds of people who are eager to post non-made-up photos of themselves skew to the conventionally beautiful, for obvious reasons. It will be interesting to see what kinds of images pop up as the campaign spreads.

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    • Eileen

      I’d say “I’ll post one,” but that would imply that the majority of my facebook pictures aren’t of me without any makeup on. And while I wouldn’t say I’m unpretty, I’m no Adriana Lima, and I spent most of my high school years avoiding the bathroom mirror that displayed just how awful my acne problem was.

      Whereas my sister, who never had a skin problem and has always been startlingly beautiful won’t even leave the house to rent a video without lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. So I don’t know if it’s “conventionally beautiful” or “generally confident.”

      I guess my point is that I think the desire to wear a lot of makeup comes from a place other than concern about one’s looks. Still, trying to remind teens that most people (even people with glamorous fashion jobs) look pretty ordinary underneath it all isn’t a bad idea.

    • Alex

      Trust me very few teenagers have smooth child faces.
      I don’t really get these pretty people with no make-up on things. I already know that models/actresses/fashion people probably look good without makeup on. It doesn’t raise my confidence at all ,in fact it makes me feel worse as they look 10 times better without make-up then I do with make-up on.

    • Kristen

      Well, damn. This did not help my confidence at all. I was expecting to go, “Hey! They look just like me!” and instead I’m going, “Oh, ok, nope. They are still really, really good looking. I guess I’m just fucked, then.”

    • Natalie

      I will post one, but I don’t think it should count if the photo of oneself sans make-up is overexposed and photoshopped to dilute the sharpness of features and imperfections (i.e., image #2).

    • sam

      this makes me feel worse