Would You Marry A Man Who Had Slept With Over 4,000 Women?

Today, The Daily Mail reported that Gene Simmons proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed. The popping of the question comes, they note, after Simmons claims to have slept with 4,600 women over the course of his life.


That’s a lot of women.

Normally, I would say that a person’s so-called number doesn’t, and shouldn’t matter. And granted, Simmons is a rock stahh. But I have to say that a history of over 4,000 chicks would give me pause for thought. It certainly indicates a bit of a proclivity towards sleeping around, and I tend to believe that it’s difficult for people to change all that much. It could also point to some low self-esteem, if I were really going to get all therapy about it. Or, it could just point to a massive, unquenchable  libido.

Or is this how all men would be if they were Gene Simmons?

Anyway, if nothing else, if I were Tweed and I hadn’t already, I’d order up a large battery of tests, and I’d have to somehow be assured that his womanizing ways were over.

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    • Arnie

      He’s got to be exaggerating.


      Okay, so he turns 62 next month (thank you, Wikipedia). If we assume that he didn’t have any sex before he turned 16, that gives us 46 years of boning. 46 times 365 is 16,790. Divide that by his claim of 4,600, and you have a different girl every 3.65 days.

      So I guess it’s possible, especially if there were lots of threesomes in there, but still. At the age of 16, he certainly wouldn’t have been wooing girls at such a rate. Unless there were roofies involved. Lots and lots of roofies.

      I’m a bit of a nerd for working that out, aren’t I?

      • Nerd Squared

        Thanks, I was just about to do the math, you saved me.

    • Jessi

      How did he not lose track of the number? He must have a list or notched bedpost or something, right?

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Short answer: “No.”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Long answer: “No. Especially if he’s Gene Simmons.”

    • Eileen

      Anyone else reminded of the catalogue aria in Don Giovanni? (Jen?) Actually, side note, I once used that as a math problem when I was tutoring (we called them “girlfriends” instead of “sexual conquests,” though).

      I mean, I probably wouldn’t, but then I’m the kind of person who has no desire to sleep with a rock star and will never come near 4k sex partners in my life. How many people has Shannon Tweed slept with? If it’s comparable, then maybe this is just another way they’re compatible.

    • Odbery

      But have you ever seen their show? The Simmons-Tweed family is bizarrely charming, though admittedly Gene is the least of them all.

      For me, no, but for Shannon it makes sense. Also I think for him the whole “marriage” bit instead of being boyfriend and girlfriend for eternity means he’s at least going to try to drop the stud act.

    • M

      I don’t think I’ll ever be in a situation like that, so I can’t really say what I would do. But if she was already his long-term girlfriend, she’s probably made her peace with the fact that he’s had ALL of the sex; getting married shouldn’t suddenly make it an issue.

    • bhph

      Technically, how DO such people protect their spousal equivalent’s health, let alone their own?

      For example, it used to take 2 negative HIV tests *6 months apart* to be considered safe after *one* risky or unprotected encounter; but if someone is continually having random multiple sexual contacts, each one starts a new cycle of risk.

      A while back, Gene took a lie detector test and passed the question about not ‘making love to other women’. Most of us just figured that he was parsing ‘making love’ as opposed to sexual contact, similar to when Bill Clinton astonishingly did not equate ‘sexual relations’ with receiving oral gratification. (I’ve always felt very badly for Monica, not the least because the impression was that she had to make do with a cigar!)

      Gene is clearly a very intelligent man, so one wonders how (surely not IF!) he figured (and verified!) that he protected Shannon all these years….not to mention the 4000+ others!

    • gypziesoul

      Don’t you find it odd, that not one of these 4,000+ women have come out to talk about it and get their 15 minutes of fame?

      • Joe

        I would imagine that claiming to be one of the 4,000+ would do you no more than expose your sluttery and low standards. 15 seconds would be impressive.