Puppy Love: What Your Dog Says About Your Relationship

I’ve been begging my boyfriend for a puppy all year.

We’ve discussed the financial and social implications, and have finally come to an agreement about the particulars. But while we have decided to eventually get a dog (in three years), the breed is still up in the air. There’s a lot of pressure! The dog you choose says a lot about your relationship. There are stereotypes associated with all kinds of dogs, from the stuck-up toy breeds to the family-friendly labs. And when you finally choose a dog, how do you decide what to name him?

Click through for a squeal-inducing slideshow of puppies, ridiculous relationship generalizations and dog names!

We at the Gloss do not take adorable puppies lightly! If you decide to adopt, please consider your local animal shelter — and don’t forget to have your pet spayed or neutered. For more information, please visit the ASPCA.

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    • Jamie Peck

      Three years seems like an awfully long time to wait for a furry bundle of love. Maybe he’s hoping you don’t want one anymore by then?

    • August S.

      You forgot the a breed: the basset-hound/chocolate-lab hybrid. He is lazy like a basset but friendly like a lab, and looks just like a full-sized labrador except for his stumpy, stumpy legs. He is the best. What this says about you is that you know how to pick awesome dogs (also maybe that you’re emotionally unavailable and prefer to love things you can legally neuter).

    • Missro

      You also forgot the Pit Bull, American Staffordshire, English Staffordshire, and Bull Terrier. I have a Black Staffy named Asia that we adopted two years ago. She is an incredible dog! She has the tuxedo look, all black with a white chest and white on her paws. Not sure what our breed says about us, but maybe that we’re tough and strong with a big heart =).

    • Jenny

      I kept waiting for my dog to show up in the slideshow — and there she is at the end! Super-mutt from a high kill shelter. Her lazy, fuzzy butt is snoozing on the couch right now between me and my significant other.

      Uh-oh, is that a bad sign? When the dog sleeps between you?

    • Sheena

      Wait, what about Shiba Inu’s !!!

    • Alanna

      I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriver (from a shelter) and he definitely runs the show. At first we were firm about ‘being outside’ and ‘food rules’ but now he has his own fan for when it gets hot and an old PB teen comforter to lay on. He is a 110 pound bucket of spoiled cuddles. Get a Chessie! They’re real cute!

    • Sarah

      We’ve got a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix (who I refuse to call a Cockapoo) named Winifred, who we thought was a Labradoodle when we rescued her from some friends who found her but couldn’t keep her so she wouldn’t be sent to a high kill shelter. We fall somewhere between French Bulldog and Portuguese Water Dog in terms of couple personality.

      Also we’re currently planning to move our dog to Africa with us when my graduate studies move us there for a year.

      • Sarah

        Also the poodle picture is totally a poodle mix.

    • sarahk

      Oh man, I’ve got a Boston Terrier and she’s such a hilarious little shit. They always say they have lots of “personality” which is a nice way of saying they’re stubborn and want to constantly be all over you. God, I love that little monster.

    • Roxana

      Good for you Jenny! I have a wheaten terrier/poodle mix, and he’s the light of my life.

    • Dawn Wilson

      Where the heck are the POM”S????? My Foxy Girl, is Beautiful, We want the POM”S to show off!!!!!!

    • hailey

      theyre so cuite thay remind me of my labadore retriver benny

    • Terri McReady

      I have always adopted my dogs and they have all been the best anyone could ever want!

    • Amanda Ernst

      I’ll admit I totally read through this entire slideshow and got to the end and thought, “Wait, I have a maltese/yorkie mix — what does that say about me?” Miniature mixed breed dogs should definitely have their own category — I’m always wondering what people are thinking of me when I walk around with my pup. Especially when she has bows in her hair.

    • wyltk (DC)

      It’s “chihuahua”, not whatever the hell you guys spelled and the description while accurate for some who are more vacuous does not hold true for most. Maybe a chihuahua owner just doesn’t like big sloppy “kisses”, giant turds to pick up after, or have the space available that a larger dog would need … Nice try a humor though.

      • Jenny

        Wow — someone obviously has a Chihuahua as well as a giant chip on their shoulder.

      • Aimee

        My neighbor has a chihuahua and a Malamute who’s as high as my waist, so it’s not a space thing OR a poop thing. If they had a problem with dog poop they’d hire someone to clear their yard (come to think of it, they probably do.) As for the kisses, the Malamute doesn’t kiss anyone. I imagine most people are afraid to go near his face because he’s rather grouchy sometimes. Clearly her reasons for getting the chihuahua were 1. To dress his up for Hallwoeen. 2. To show off to her firnds and neighbors. and 3. To have the latest L.A. accessory!

    • Jen

      F**k the sox…..