• Wed, Jul 27 2011

Could This ‘Banned’ Skittles Commercial Possibly Be Real?

This is labeled “Banned Skittles commercial” on Youtube. Though I am 90% sure it’s a 1) good parody with high production value or 2) an effective viral marketing ploy. …Or the suits at Skittles are insane.

Also. It’s NSFW in the sense that it depicts people having sex (and it’s gross!), but there’s no nudity.

So. Is this real?

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  • Lisa


  • Paige V.I.

    so… i’m excited they’re married… but gross as fuck. yes. gross.

  • Stephanie

    This is wrong on so many levels… I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

    • Cory

      you missed the best part…..The money shot!

    • hahah

      try having sex so you can be normal

  • Jen


  • ashley

    its fake because at the end it looks like the words where photo shopped in

  • Fabel

    This is great

  • Steve Pica

    Hilarious, well done parody. Sick and funny.

  • Sara
  • Ralph

    Ahahahahahahahahahaha That’s awesome. More commercials should be like this and less people should be tyrannical Puritans about sex.

    • Dylan

      people SHOULD be less tyrannical….unintentionally funny

    • Guest

      Ralph is what you known as a perverse, overly-desperate virgin who has an obsession with sexuality. Only overly-desperate virgins and sex offenders want sexuality to be overexposed.

      Which one are you.

  • Farley

    That’s not the groom…..its the best man.

  • the doctor

    it’s fake peeps, the original title says not affiliated with skittles

  • superwolfkin