Poll: Would You Name Your Child Luna?

The hottest baby names of 2011 are being predicted by Nameberry and one of them is Luna! What I’m taking away from this is “oh God, the Harry Potter generation is grown up.” And I guess we’re all having babies, except those of us who aren’t ready at all. Apparently part of the popularity is also due to the fact that Posh Spice (Beckham) (whatever) is considering Luna as a baby name. So. Luna. A name you’d consider? Keep in mind that if Harry Potter taught us anything it taught us that she will get called Loony on the playground.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.



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    • jill

      I have a friend who’s two year old is named Luna. It’s pretty damn cute.

    • jill

      oops… *whose
      p.s. “It” refers to the name, not the kid. However, it (the kid) is very cute too.

    • Brittnee

      It reminds me of the purple cat from Sailor Moon…. so, not exactly something I’d choose.

    • Diana

      Well… In Latin (so in most if not all latin-based languages) Luna (or some form of it) means the Moon. On the other hand there are names like Apple out there, so maybe it’s not that weird.