Would You Wear A Jacket Named After A Concentration Camp?

What if it was all nifty and plaid?

To be fair, this parka is probably inspired more by the Sex Pistols song of the same name than Belsen, but that song was… intended to be disturbing, right? The opening lines run:

Belsen was a gas, I heard the other day

In the open graves where the Jews all lay

“Life is fun and I wish you were here”

They wrote on postcards to those held dear

So that’s… really disturbing. Especially given that Belsen was shown in propoganda films for the foreign press as an example of a well run, benign camp. So, yes, there are a lot disturbing elements to that song, absolutely none of which are clearly conveyed by this military jacket.

And frankly, selling anything “grungy” for $125 just seems like it’s missing the point.

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      1) Not offensive (insofar as it’s an allusion to a song). No different from naming your item “Let’s Lynch The Landlord.”

      2) Very offensive. No one likes a mass market brand trying to appropriate the Sex Pistols’ music to sell jackets.

    • Rachelle Aviv Goldberg

      WHAT THE F*CK!
      Of course it’s offensive! This jacket is clearly being marketed to target people who have no concept of what Bergen-Belsen was, and I can assure you the people who *do* buy the jacket will be be more concerned with how it looks than with how many thousands of Jews, cripples, homosexuals, Gypsies, and others died in the abomination that was a Nazi death camp.
      May G-d forget the names of all those who participated in this and abandon them completely.
      I’m sorry if you do not agree with me, but over 290 of my family members were killed by Nazis.
      Rachelle, 14