Feminist Rapper Samples Mad Men Theme Song, Makes Awesome Video

Kellee Maize “Mad Men” from arjanwrites on Vimeo.

So, this is awesome. On her new track “Mad Humans,” hip-hop artist Kellee Maize samples the Mad Men theme song and raps over it about feminism. On a purely aesthetic level, her flow is a wee bit stilted at times, but I’m willing to forgive her because she has lyrics like this:

Putting the patriarchy to bed/the one outside and inside our head/we planned it all we’ve made our own bed/time to awake, evolve and defend

Revolution, girl style now! As if that weren’t enough, the song has a Mad Men themed video in which Kellee spits rhymes while surrounded by a crew of dead-eyed sixties housewives. She comes off like Betty Draper, if Betty Draper’s pain and anger over Don’s cheating had caused her to have an angry feminist awakening instead of retreating even further into “spoiled child” mode. I especially like the part where she uses the iconic falling man to symbolize the fall of the patriarchy. Betty Friedan would be proud.

Have the show’s producers seen this? Probably not. But seeing as feminism (and the nascent feminist movement of the ’60s) is a major theme on the show, I’m sure they’d be into it. I am bumping it a second time as we speak. It doesn’t make waiting for Mad Men‘s return any easier, though.

(Via The Frisky)

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    • Jennifer

      WOW!!!!!!! SO SO GOOD! STRICT FLOW!!!

    • Don Draper

      I’d be willing to give up my misogynistic ways for Ms. Maize. This track is HOT!!!

    • Rupert Murdoch

      Someone must stop her!!!!!!!!!!!

      • RealMusicLover

        Stop her from what? Making great music with some substance… go listen to something else if you don’t like it. Keep doing your thing K Maize!!!

    • Lacey

      She is just asking to be sued for copyright infringement. What happened to originality?

      • Paige V.I.

        i believe she’s protected under parody.

      • Naomi

        Yup. If this was lawsuit-worthy, stuff like Saturday Night Live would’ve been pulled off the air about 30 years ago.

    • Zemene

      The theme from Mad Men was actually originally made for a rap song by Aceyalone.

    • Guest

      go Kellllllee Maize, love the mad men theme! Keep the good raps comin!