• Thu, Jul 28 2011

Gallery: 10 Models Who Changed Their Names

This week, Belarussian blonde Tanya Dziahileva moved agencies to Marilyn in Paris and her new show card reads “Dyagileva.” Not such a change (and still as difficult for us native English speakers to say) but it got us thinking: so many models come from far-off places where surnames have many consonants… while other models just had plain Jane names that needed some punching up. Here’s a list of ladies who changed their names.

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  • Ewa

    re: Kasia Struss:

    Yup, Kasia/Katarzyna. The fun thing is that Struss, to Polish ears, sounds similar to “struś” (ostrich).

    • Ashley Cardiff

      first of all: thank you! (the only things i can say in polish are names of beers)

      second of all: lol @ ostrich

  • ceci

    lol dovima was so creative.. the first 2 leteres of each of her names and last name.

  • Joyce

    Why most models are Slavs?

  • travis

    wat are yall talking about