Gallery: Cindy Sherman’s Collaboration With M.A.C. Cosmetics


Chameleon-like artist Cindy Sherman uses various dramatic self-portraits to interact with and comment on society. M.A.C. cosmetics sells makeup to people. According to some academic articles I just Googled up, Sherman’s work functions seamlessly and successfully within the economic framework of late capitalist society, so it’s not surprising at all that she’d accept an offer to partner with M.A.C. in creating (and modeling) several different color palettes. Here they are.

(Via Refinery 29)

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    • endn

      none of these ads are appealing at all! jesus! who wants a palette that will literally make you look like a scary cougar, a scary clown or a scary doll?!

      • macsherman

        I’m going to guess you know very little about Cindy Sherman or M.A.C.

        I somehow doubt either cares much about being appealing…at least not in any mainstream way.