Nail Polish Inspired By Menstrual Blood, Bruises & European Painters

The nail polish alchemy over at StrangeBeautiful has really gotten out of hand with the latest (fifth) collection. The set, called Volume V, runs 10 colors and will set you back $79. Despite the hefty price tag, it’s already sold out. What’s so special about these nail polishes, you wonder?

The mastermind behind StrangeBeautiful–RISD grad Jane Schub–named the polishes after that which inspired them, including the last day of one’s menstrual cycle, the “gradation” of bruises and (strangest of all?) Casper David Friedrich. Here’s the copy:

Inspirations and references range from the vampiric gradations of a healing bruise; the moody rusts of menstrual blood; sooty, phantasmal India ink; the profile of a gray blue Heron scooping fish against a background of gooey river runoff and the apocalyptic color palette of Medieval Flemish paintings. Visceral and private, each shade cloaks the finger in an aqueous film of color for an effect that is strange, beautiful, and impossible to forget.

See for yourself:

So. Gross or great?

(via Bella Sugar)

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    • Cassieleigh

      yuck. yuck. yuck.

    • Belladonna


    • Hanna

      I think those are beautiful colours. I own a number of nail-polishes with names I imagine a delusional mid-forties German guy with rudimentary knowledge of English and a desire to sound cool picked. Doesn’t mean I will stop wearing them.

    • Mary

      They’re disgusting. I kind of love them. If I had the cash, I’d definitely go for Bruise and Menstrual.

    • MM

      Honestly? I love the dark colours, I love the inspiration, I love the kinda pretentious artsy-ness of it all. But no way would I shell out 80 bucks for a nail polish set.