Shopping Guide: 19 Functional, Easy & Chic Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are comfortable, work-appropriate and (at their best) effortlessly chic. Although finding the perfect version can be a challenge–they look super dowdy if the fit is off–once you’ve located the ideal style for your figure, you’ll discover the demure, dependable shirt dress is actually one of those pieces you can live in. Happy hunting.

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    • Christie

      So I’m a little disturbed by slide 18′s photoshopping. Is it just me or is her head way too big for her tiny twig-like body? And her legs are a little scary in length and thigh size (uneven much?). Dress is cute though!

      • Goldie

        Not just you. I was thinking it reminded me of the posters for (Burton’s) Alice in Wonderland.

    • katie

      some of these seem a little too short to be considered work-appropriate (especially when you’re a high school teacher, like me). so my question always is: what kind of pants could you wear under these, or should i just find a longer length?

      • Lindsey

        Depending on how formally you like to dress, (I’ve had jeans/t-shirt every day high school teachers and suit everyday ones) leggings would help cover up. Or tights.

    • Blythe

      I was wondering where i could find more information about the dress on slide 15. I absolutely love it and want to know where I could possible find it? Thanks :)