Would You Wear: Ultra Wide Leg Trousers?

Carlos Miele, Aiko, Issa

In a post this morning, WWD project a big, big, BIG! trend for Resort 2012: the ultra wide leg. “Resort,” you say, “That’s not a legitimate season!” Well, that may be true but it doesn’t matter: one fall 2011 trend that emerged right out of the gates this past NYFW was wide leg trousers and they were everywhere. Too bad they seldom work on anyone.

Yes, like harem pants, drop crotch trousers and high-waisted denim, the voluminous, extra wide leg presents a challenge. When it’s done well (with excellent tailoring and a fitted silhouette up top) it’s chic. When it’s done poorly, it’s awkward and unflattering. So, will you dare to try out a wide leg this fall, or keep it safe with a more traditional width:

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    • Stephanie

      I’m a short little nugget so I would definitely look like a complete fool if I tried :( I envy those tall, skinny, bird like girls who can wear them… then again, I get to wear heels :)

    • August S.

      I stopped reading after ‘”Resort” you say “That’s not a legitimate season.”‘

      I would never say that–resort is the best season! It’s the resort season, the sole requirement of which is that the clothes compliment the tiny umbrella resting delicately in your delicious, fruity drink. Why do you hate Mai Tais and fashion, Ashley? Why do you hate them so much?

      • Jordan

        “Hate fashion” , surely you’re kidding! Who likes fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas anyway!!

    • Lo

      As long as they’re well-cut (picture that in big, flashing letters please), yay wide-legged trousers* with a close-fitting top. I carry my weight on my legs (legs, not hips), and I’ve been pissed off for years with the fashionable baggy top, skinny bottom combination. Time to have it the other way round.

      * not harem pants. I genuinely don’t understand harem pants.

    • Natalie Lozano

      I love them I am not tall, but I think I could pull it off and wear them well.

      • Dot Jackson

        I love wide legged pants and bought several in linen for the summer! They are always flattering and they move nicely when you walk. However, I wouldn’t buy extremely wide legged pants because that looks clownish. Narrow legged pants are never flattering, no matter how slim you are. Kate Middleton looked ridiculous in her skin tight jeans in Canada. They make you look…desperate. :)

    • babs2011

      Like the middle ones—do love wide legs but don’t want to trip! I am active every day, more than just going out to lunch. I work.

    • Stephanie W.


    • sherrill in oklahoma

      You bet….I wish I had a pair to wear tomorrow….love the middle ones….I would tone down the top….not so big. Sign me up, I will be looking for them, but i am a working girl, living on a small income. Sure hope WalMart gets them in. I will sure buy them.

    • applejuice

      I adore wide leg pants! I’m only 5’4, but with heels, proper hemming, and a slim fitted shirt, they are the epitome cool-chic. They make me feel sort of like Katherine Hepburn.