Poll: Would You Rather Date A Movie Star Or A Prince?

Last week, we discussed whether we would rather date a finance bro or a musician. This week, we take it to the next level and contemplate – movie star or prince?

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Jen: Obviously it would be better to date a prince. Unlike dating, say, George Clooney, being a princess means you actually have a job.

Frances: Yes. A terrible job. A job where you have to walk through landmines, forever. Princess duties aren’t fun. It’s like a long march of charity events unil you die.

Jen: That’s called helping people. That’s a pretty privileged position to be in. You can raise huge awareness for your favorite causes.

Frances: Dating George Clooney just means going to fun premieres and hanging out with other movie stars. And you’ll get to meet royalty, because celebrities are the new royalty.

Jen: They’re royalty until their career fades. And the fall will be awful.

Frances: George Clooney will never not be a movie star.

Jen: George Clooney will also never marry you. And when you break-up you will go back to being “that cocktail waitress who used to date George Clooney.”

Frances: That wouldn’t happen. You’d make connections. Dating George Clooney could make you a movie star, which would be more fun than being a princess.

Jen: You won’t get to be a movie star. No one will even remember your name after the relationship is over. There’s a good chance that no one will remember your name in the relationship because you aren’t important. Not compared to him. Being a princess automatically makes you almost equally important to him. Being with a movie star does nothing for you.

Frances: The pressure of that would be completely awful. You’d suddenly be photographed all the time. Sometimes I think about how awful it must be for Kate Middleton that she’s never going to be allowed to be crabby with anyone ever again, because it will be some sort of huge scandal if a taxi driver calls the tabloid and says “Kate Middleton snapped at me.” Dating a movie star means you get all the perks of a celebrity lifestyle and none of the downsides.

Jen: But you also get no respect.

Frances: It will be fun hanging out with Kate Middleton on Clooney’s yacht and watching how tense and stressed out she is. Think I’ll have another martini! Because that’s what dating movies stars means.

Jen: Will Aretha Franklin be playing in the background?

Franes: No, because she’ll be on the boat.

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    • Eileen

      I wouldn’t want to marry either. But I’d rather date a prince. Getting wasted just always seems so much better when you do it in elegant tea-length dresses, you know?

      Also, there are lower-profile princes than the British ones. They have the money and the manners and the rich friends, but way fewer paparazzi.

      • Eileen

        I forgot to mention that I feel like dating a prince would teach you social skills more transferable than dating a movie star. Most movie stars originate in working or middle class backgrounds, and it always seemed to me that movie star behavior is basically regular-person behavior with lots of money. Whereas princes are old money, and their friends are mostly old money, so you’d learn how to behave in a different social class. Which would be useful, even after the prince had gone on to marry some earl’s daughter and the movie star had gone on to stop being famous.

    • Stephanie

      I want to be a princess! And when you put the alternative picture as Brangelina next to Kate and Will, there’s no contest. I can’t stand Brad and Angelina.

    • Quin

      I’d like to marry a prince in theory, but I’d hate having to be ladylike all the goddamn time. If you date a movie star, you can still have personality without the press freaking out!
      Also, if you added rock star to the list I’d totally pick it.

    • August S.

      OBVIOUSLY there are other considerations: for instance, what kind of prince/movie star? Are we talking obscure, lacking-in-the-castle department prince from an dynasty overthrown before the invention of the toaster? Because if so, movie star is the correct choice.
      But maybe we’re talking awful, drugged up, famous for being a jack-ass movie star, in which case the prince is the only reasonable option. I mean, Jeremy Piven and Lindsay Lohan are both technically movie stars. I assume, as intelligent readers of this fine site, you wouldn’t want either of them near you genitals at any time.
      So probably prince, but I’d settle whatever that guy is that Dita von Teese dates, because he is one pretty, pretty nobleman.