Poll: What’s Your Break-Up Beauty Ritual?

In a way, break-ups are the best, because they give you free rein to behave in all kinds of outrageous ways. They also mean that you can try out beauty rituals you never would under normal circumstances because you are having a lot of feelings. A lot of us have a certain break-up ritual, like getting a new haircut. Maybe getting bangs. Or banging some new dude. Hah! It’s funny because bang and bangs. Jacqui Moore decided to get a tattoo following her divorce, and then proceeded to tattoo her entire body. And then she fell in love with the tattoo artist! It’s a happy story – and you can see the radical transformation from the first picture to the second. What do you do?

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    • Jenny

      As a heart-on-my-sleeve type, break-ups turn me into a howling wreck. Having just been dumped earlier this week, I’ve discovered for the second time that there’s nothing quite like tea, cheesecake, and a Golden Girls marathon to bring a smile back to my face and turn the misery tears into laughing ones.
      Once I’ve eased out of the crazy wailing state, I turn to my own golden girls (and one or two golden guys) to knock me back to my senses.
      It’s never easy, and it’s not a magic fix, but it certainly helps but me back on my feet again.

    • Maggie

      Mine is a mix between not showering or wearing a bra for days and then making a public appearance looking better than ever. Healing, but without losing face.

      • Maggie

        I like that we share the same name and the same breakup ritual. Although I’m going to have to add ‘Ben & Jerry’s’ into the mix.

    • b3v

      Too bad I couldn’t choose two : I basically go into healthy overdrive, like I want to cleanse myself of the pain (up the exercise, walks in nature, eating better, etc.) and then do some change to my appearance, either a haircut or a tattoo, depending on money/time.

    • Lindsey

      Wearing a ton of mascara so I don’t let myself cry.

    • sami

      Boys=stupidest things in the world. We are HOTT women who DO NOT need a man. They NEED us. My break up healing, is to unheal the BOY who dumped me. Break him down as far as he can go, weather its to his face or to his own mother. No shame. He did it first.