Retro Snap: Can You Identify This Style Icon? Is She Wearing A Swastika?

She was a campfire girl!

It’s Jackie Kennedy.

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    • Justin

      Am I crazy or is that a swastika?

      • asgasg

        Swastika’s exist in multiple cultures. They were originally a symbol of knowledge and peace before Hitler bastardized it.

    • Jenny

      What’s with the inverted swastika?

    • OG

      Wait, why is there a swastika on her dress?

    • Ed


      According to Wikipedia (yeah, I know, may not be biblically accurate), Jackie was born in 1929. Assuming she’s more than ten years old in the photograph, it was taken in 1939 or later. If she’s 12 or older, the US is at war with Nazi Germany at the time of the photo.

      By this time, the Nazi associations of the swastika would have been common public knowledge (like Canada and the maple leaf, or the US and the bald eagle).

      I think it’s safe to say she knew what she was doing when she put it on.

      Any biographers or historians have any comment?


      • MM

        She’s still wearing a faux-Native American costume. I’m pretty sure she’s not a secret Nazi.

    • Ewa

      It’s a solar symbol. Ironically, it was still used as a traditional ornament by some ethnic groups in Nazi-occupied countries (the latter actually did use it as an argument that they are entitled to take over their land).