Gallery: Vogue Australia Jumps On The Plus Size Bandwagon, With Sexy Results

What’s the first thing you notice about model Robyn Lawley? I’d venture to guess it’s how utterly gorgeous she is. That’s probably why Vogue Australia decided to feature her in their first ever plus-size editorial. You may also remember her from the cover of Vogue Italia. While that shoot was undeniably hot, it’s nice to see a mainstream fashion magazine let a plus size model wear clothes for once. I’m even willing to forgive editor-in-chief Kristie Clements’ skinny-as-go-to-compliment statement that “she doesn’t actually look plus size to me at all now.” It’s okay to think plus-size women are hot, Kristie! But it seems like she’s at least on the right track, so I’ll let it slide.

(Via Styleite)

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    • Ashley

      She looks ASTOUNDING.

    • Diana

      She’s plus size?! Maybe in fashion where the norm is to look starved… She looks like a really hot normal sized woman (definitely thinner than the average woman nowadays). Only when fashion magazines will make editorials about how gorgeous 18+ sized women look should we really say ‘Wow! They’re using plus-sized models!’

    • Shannon

      Plus size? That model looks only slightly larger than I am and I wear a size 4 or 6 dress.

    • Jesus Soto Villavicencio

      That’s such a bummer, I think she looks anything but plus size, I don’t picture her going into old navy, and buying a xxl T-shirt. Maybe she goes into banana republica and buys an L size or something. (I’m a guy, I don’t know about girls sizes, but you get my point) I think she looks perfectly normal, and any young woman should aspire to look like that. I bet a porn actress with an amazing bone structure could try out being a plus sized model. I even bet, a playmate would also be considered a plus size model. anyways, baby steps. Fergie and Beyonce fans, I out on the look for you.

    • Amanda

      Plus sized? Please.

    • Simone

      When I look at this pictures, I think “healthy beauty”

    • Laura

      She’s plus size??? What?? Are you serious?? BAAAAAHHHHH! Now that is sick. She is a normal size.