Look At These Amazing Vintage Tampon Ads

The women in these ads look so happy and elegant, why, you’d hardly know they’re menstruating at all. The one up top is raising her gloved hands to the sky in exultation that she no longer has to wear a sanitary belt, while the one down below is smelling flowers as fresh as her down below.

Typifying the neutered 1950′s, the copy is as vague as possible, but I’m going to guess it means “because you are bleeding out of your vagina ;)” Also, ain’t it kind of crazy that just ten years (give or take) before the Summer of Love and all that, women were still wearing bustles? I think so.

It’s funny that tampon ads took until 2011 to really acknowledge that vaginas bleed blood. But if I have to choose between this and talking vaginas, I will certainly choose this.

(Via World Of Wonder)

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    • Eve

      [sigh] Why can’t bustles make a comeback?

      I’d like to see a hipster fashion blogger try and make bustles + leggings work…

    • Jo

      I like the talking vagina ad. Not because I like it in itself, but I’m glad the vagina is finally getting some straight-up attention, instead of merely being alluded to.

      These ads are nice too, I wouldn’t mind a mix of the two.

    • Nikole

      “because your bleeding out of your vagina” I laughed SOO hard seriously awesome. thank you for that.

    • Stephanie

      I would pick this over any current tampon ad

    • Mel

      That is like twenty times prettier than I ever feel/look on my period, so…sold!

    • miinxi

      wtf is bustles?

    • poppy

      bustles should be brought back asap.