The Five Different Types Of “Nice Girls”

The people over at the Frisky listed the five different types of sluts. We don’t use that word. We call those girls “friend-people”! Also, we just think it’s a bad term, because we prefer “floozy” or “harlot.” However, we do frequently describe ladies as being “nice.” Here are the different “nice girls” you’ll encounter. Some of them aren’t actually nice!

Painting by Marion Peck

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    • Lisa

      My friend has a theory-which I happen to agree with-that if the only word you can think of to describe someone is “nice,” than that individual is really not that interesting or has no personality/hobbies/quirks/what-have-you.

      I think “nice” has become a sort of catch-all when we can’t think of how to describe someone.

    • Lo

      I’m a Really Shy Girl who Doesn’t Say Anything, but this is because my dinosaur sex jokes overstep the line and it’s just less hassle this way.

      • woo


      • Geraldine

        haha! Dinosaur sex jokes overstepping the line is a problem I have also, I only dare speak once I am sure I won’t be booed by the crowd.

      • Lo

        Yes! Quietness makes it so much harder, too – everyone else is flinging smut around and having a hoot, but the second I join in they give me this -look-, like they’ve just heard their elderly Sunday school teacher announce she’s into fisting. It sucks Amphicoelias balls.

    • Eileen

      Lisa – my old roommate used to say the same thing, that “nice” is basically an insult.

      I think I’m probably a nice person, but I have way too much insight into my own personal psyche to say for certain.

    • tara

      Usually when people sum me up in one word behind my back they say, “Oh her, yeah, she’s different.” Different is almost as vague as being called ‘nice’.

      • Arnie

        My Grandmother always used “Interesting” in the same way. Whenever she said something, or somebody was interesting, it usually meant she was unable to find something positive to say.

      • Hanna

        I reserve “interesting” for dress choices like very tight orange pants or people who are basically extremely bitchy so they can’t be called nice but I have to call them something other than “obnoxious” or “annoying” or “repulsing” because I am in polite company.

    • Kim

      My schoolmates all say the same thing. “You’re so funny!”
      By now, I’ve figured out it means they’re weirded out by me and don’t know how to react. They’d call me a strumpet if they weren’t so nice, or knew what it meant.

    • Bertha Cullen

      I think that “quiet” can be another catch-all term for someone you don’t really know. Quietness is just a barrier that hides your weirdness from society.

    • Renae

      #3 reminds me of Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke. She looks like a horror movie character named Sadako and everyone at her school is afraid of her (most of them believe her name is Sadako too). But her true character eventually shines through and she manages to make a few friends.

    • marryy

      When I read #1, I was literally screaming DOLORES UMBRIDGE.