Breaking: Kate Middleton Recycles Dress

Duchess Catherine rocked this Diane von Furstenberg to the pre-wedding cocktail party of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall last night — but the big news was that she had worn it once before. This is the same number that she had on during a reception in Los Angeles last month.

Like we wouldn’t notice, Kate. Like we wouldn’t notice.

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    • Imogen

      I love the Gloss and usually love the varied, measured and often right on perspectives, but it is really starting to annoy me that although Kate Middleton is discussed frequently (her lack of a job, her fashion, her compared with the new Princess of Monaco etc), her extremely worrying and unattractivly skinny weight is never once mentioned. She is far far far unhealthily thin. By not talking about this, especially on a blog/online magazine which is happy to talk about basically anything, it makes it seem like this is normal, nothing out of the ordinary, attractive.
      Personally, I can see how Kate Middleton must have been under a lot of pressure to look more than perfect for her wedding, and that today sadly, that means looking thinner than a healthy body weight… And that having lost all the weight, it must be hard to put it back on especially when socialites and celebrities are often twig-like and when you are still under a huge amount of pressure to appear perfect, including delicate and princess-like (again, thinner than normal, please see any Disney Princess for further fairytale evidence of what people expect princesses to look like).
      She is beginning to look seriously ill, why is the Gloss not commenting on this and instead continuing to depict her as a perfect, healthy model of young feminity, poise and charm?

      • Sophie

        Perfectly stated, Imogen! I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Eileen

      Yeah. Lots of women lose weight for the weddings, even if they’re not under a lot of pressure to look perfect (and sometimes even if they’re not trying). But her wedding was three months ago now, and she’s still very thin. I don’t think The Gloss should go the way of the tabloids and talk only about her weight as if that’s all she is, but it’s worth a mention because she’s lost a LOT of weight. It’s worth mentioning that both Diana and Fergie had issues with their weight after getting married, Diana of course having problems with eating disorders and Fergie getting made fun of relentlessly for the fact that she’d gained weight.


      The Duchess of Cambridge
      HRH Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge
      Princess Catherine (if you must – technically it should be Princess William, but that sounds weird)
      Kate Middleton (again, if you must – although I’m still pushing for Kate Mountbatten-Windsor because it is a much cooler name)

      “Duchess Catherine” makes no sense. No one calls The Countess of Wessex “Countess Sophie” or The Duchess of Cornwall “Duchess Camilla” because Duke, Duchess, Earl, Countess, Baron, and Baroness are not titles that go in front of the given name (Prince, Princess, Sir, Lady, and The Honorable are, and you can’t acquire them through marriage, only birth). I realize that this exposes me as a picky nerd, but I’ve been commenting here long enough that you probably already knew that.

    • jill

      I agree. I have never once thought to comment on her weight… or any woman’s weight for that matter. But, looking at this photo, it is actually rather worrying.

    • Beca

      uhmm why is this breaking news?

    • Katie Ellen

      I think she should be applauded for being pseudo-normal. Who wants beautiful clothes that you can’t rewear if you love? That’s ridiculous. People (really just women) are talking about her because they are jealous – she is a true icon of our time. Every woman wishes they were her – and women can criticize each other like no one else can!