Incorrect Messages We Got From Television Shows

On the Sex and the City prequel post commenter Magda said, “Yes, lets totally expose younger people to the idea that being promiscuous will fix all your emotional problems/insecurity issues. Carrie Bradshaw is an amazing role model.”

That was sarcasm!

Also, Magda has a really good point. But it also made us think about some wildly incorrect messages we got from various television shows growing up. Like these!

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    • Amanda Ernst

      Aw, Jimmy Brooks.

    • Eileen

      Funny, I always thought the SATC message was that buying shit (especially shoes and handbags!) would solve all your problems and that while sex was fun, its main purpose was to ensure that you had a man to pay for such endeavors.

    • 3000

      Hah! The Buffy one should be a demotivational. So true… although I guess that, in Giles’ defense, all those kids looked like they were pushing 30. Hey, maybe he could use that one in court! :D

    • Megan

      A hot librarian.

      “Friends”: Gigantic apartments in New York City are affordable regardless of your job status!

      “Family Guy”: Dogs can talk!

      “Grey’s Anatomy”: Being a doctor = hot coworkers, amazing sex, and a roommate who will bake ALL THE TIME.

      “Conan”: Conan O’Brien is funny!

      “Law & Order”: When you go for a walk in NYC, chances are excellent you’ll stumble upon a dead body.

      “Ally McBeal”: The shorter the skirt, the better the lawyer.

    • Eileen

      In “Friends” defense, Monica talked all the time about how she was illegally subletting her rent-controlled apartment. I buy that a rent-controlled apartment under one renter since the ’70s could be affordable for a waitress and an unemployed chef.

    • J

      One message I really liked from Sex and the City was that older women could be gorgeous and stylish and have active social lives. Sure that included a lot of excessive shopping and promiscuity, but those things are fun.