Kim Kardashian Takes Huge Risk With Wedding Dress Designer Vera Wang

Kim Kardashian, ever the original, has gone way out on a limb and chosen…wait for it!!!… Vera Wang to design her wedding gown.

According to Kim’s website:

Vera has been a close family friend for a long time and we had talked about this moment for years, so when it came to picking my wedding dress designer she was the first person I thought of.

ORLY? A close personal family friend? Huh. A woman who made it to the top of the viciously competitive world of high fashion based on sheer talent, and a family who made it to the top of the viciously competitive Hollywood circuit through absolutely no talent whatsoever …less talent.

Yes…yes. I see where they’d all have so very much in common.

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    • Abigail

      That seemed entirely uneccessary and bitchy. I have dozens of friends who I have nothing at all in common with, but we’re close because we care about each other. Never mind the very obvious reason they know each other: Vera Wang wants her clothing on celebrities, and KK is a current celebrity that is photographed constantly. Do we not see the connection?

      • miinxi

        disagree. the article was ENTIRELY necessary.

      • Zimmm

        I agree Abigail.

    • R.

      thegloss made me look at KK a whole different way, she’s always got the same face expression, same perfect eyebrows, same long eyelashes, same ton of foundation. she doesn’t look..what’s that word?? aaah, human. all this is just to point out that her looks and claims are shallow… and no way a woman as talented as Wang, could be a CLOSE FRIEND of the whole FAMILY. this is strictly business for her.

    • Eileen

      That picture of Kim Kardashian standing next to Vera Wang just draws attention to how Kim wears waaaaaaaaay too much makeup. Does she even have skin under there?

    • emma

      kim kardashian can choose whoever she wants as a wedding dress designer, as it is HER wedding.
      i don’t think that anyone can expect kim to “go out on a limb” for her wedding, nor should she have to.
      when you’re getting married, go wild. i’m by no means kim’s biggest fan, but this seems like a bitchy criticism of her.
      where is the criticism of every other female celebrity who has gone with wang for her wedding??

    • NIkki B

      I swear i don’t understand why people love to hate. Just coz ya’ll aint got money to splash out on, you want to criticize Kim. If all you people had money you would use it any how u want and not like people snubbing you for everything you do. Some people love to criticize about her clothes,hair, make up and looks but who told you that you look good yourself. back up and shut the fuck up. Kim is doing good for her self and she carries her self well. if she was looking like shit clothes and acting fucked up you want to talk so what do you want from the woman. she don’t owe you shit so stop hating.