Two Major Advancements For Reproductive Rights Happened Today!

After much contentious debate, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has finally announced today that it’s going to require all health insurance plans beginning on or after August 1st, 2012 to cover a wide range of women’s preventative health services including, but no limited to, birth control and sterilization. This is super good news for those who struggle to afford birth control, and is expected to save both the government and the insurance companies money by reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. Despite the fact that this will inevitably translate to fewer abortions, many opponents object to forcing God-fearing Christians to subsidize certain women’s immoral, non-baby-wanting lifestyles. To appease those who object on superstitious grounds, the Obama administration tacked on an amendment that exempts religious institutions from having to cover such things for their employees.

Another bit of good news is that a federal judge granted Planned Parenthood Kansas a temporary injunction blocking the law that would have de-funded it, saying that he does not expect its constitutionality to hold up in court.

Via The Washington Post:

In his ruling, [U.S. District Judge J. Thomas] Marten agreed with Planned Parenthood’s argument that the statute is unconstitutional because would impose additional restrictions on a federally-funded program, thereby violating the Supremacy Clause. He also agreed with the group’s contention that the law likely violates the First and Fourteenth amendments because he believes it was intended to punish the group for advocating for abortion rights.

These victories are by no means comprehensive, but amid all the scary things conservatives have done to restrict women’s access to both abortions and adequate healthcare this year, it’s nice to hear some positive news for a change. With any luck, we will soon kill all the babies.

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    • Claire

      I agree with/am cheered by your entire article. Except the last sentence. I know it was meant to be funny and sarcastic, but it totally and completely put me off! Saying things like that is why conservatives think all anyone who supports women’s reproductive rights wants to do is have lots of unprotected sex with random strangers and then have lots and lots of abortions. It only polarizes people more. Also, joking about killing babies just isn’t funny. Ever.

    • M

      Unlike Claire, I liked the last sentence. It made me laugh. And it isn’t exactly out of tone for the site in general either.

      Also, horay! When I was debating getting an IUS, my OB looked up the coverage for me and it turned out to be fully paid for by Kaiser. I expressed my surprise, and she said, ‘From a business standpoint it makes sense. IUS’s aren’t cheap, but they’re much cheaper than prenatal care, delivery, and babies.’ I was a little surprised by how frank she was [not in a bad way; it only reinforced the fact that I already liked her because she was practical and no-nonsense], but it does make complete sense. I do wonder if anyone [or their mothers] ever got mad at her for laying it out like that though.

    • R.

      i agree with Claire and unlike M i’m not going to point out that someone has a different opinion and sense of humour.
      my close friend recently had an abortion, and it is not FUNNY to kill your child.
      and this isn’t even about that, this is about financially stable educated people having children who then can afford to give their children education and so on. this is about stopping teen pregnancies, this is about not going through what my friend had to go through, this is a about a bright future with wiser and more respinsible people.

    • Maris

      Is it bad that I literally screamed and jumped for joy when I heard about this? I want to have the Department of Health & Human Service’s babies. Oh…wait….

    • Jessica Ogilvie

      A well-timed abortion/baby killer joke is always funny. Well played, Jamie.