Real Talk: What Would You Refuse To Do In Bed?

Some people believe that if two people love and care for one another, nothing is off limits. Others believe the body is a temple and there are certain lines you just don’t cross. Here, we asked some people to describe what exists outside their comfort zones. In other words: what won’t you do? What’s too gross? Too weird? …If anything.

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    • Eileen

      I’m with Amber on this one. And also against fisting, which has always seemed to me to be vaguely like giving birth FOR PLEASURE (a fist is BIG!).

    • Colleen

      I like to think I’m as GGG (thank you, Dan Savage) as the next girl. I’ll try anything once, because you never know what you’ll like and what you won’t if you don’t try. However, I really can’t stand receiving oral sex. I just don’t like it. It freaks me out. Get your face away from my ladycave, thank you.

    • AD

      I draw the line at bodily waste… things, I guess. Other than that, my general rules are equal opportunity and not permanently injuring anything.

    • Gwendolyn

      I tried anal multiple times and absolutely hated it because it was just so painful (for days after the fact as well) so im guessing fistings off the cards too. no great disappointment there. anything involving bodily waste. “talking dirty” always just makes me laugh. receiving oral creeps me out, im not a huge fan of giving but id certainly rather give than receive. partly because its boring, i just cant get used to the awkwardness of having nothing to do up there. Also its so rarely done well. And yeah, definitely with Allison on ass to mouth.

    • Megan

      “Clerks 2″ reference noted and appreciated…

      And “dainty anus” is the funniest phrase I’ve read in awhile.

    • Renae

      I’m with Dan Savage on the big 3:
      No kids, no animals, no bodily waste.

    • Daniela

      Slide 6…is definitely a picture of my church. For serious.

      I am going to have such a hard time keeping a straight face on Sundays from now on…

      • Ashley Cardiff


      • AD

        Thy kingdom come, but not on my face.

    • Christina

      I don’t really understand Cathy. If the other person wants something that physically hurt you (anal, or fisting), how is it “a hang-up” to refuse doing that? Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you suddenly lose all sense of pain or your vagina suddenly magnifies its stretching-ability.

      I’m always up for sex, but I wouldn’t do anal (since I lack a prostate I just don’t see the point, but would be happy to peg my male partner if he wanted to), fisting (ouch! I’m not very stretchy) or any kind of bodily waste. (Obviously nothing illegal or immoral, like kids or animals, either.)

    • Ninargh

      For Liz:

      I believe that’s also referred to as “skull fucking” and both are, of course, equally tasteful descriptions.