Model Of The Moment: Kelly Mittendorf Is Fashion’s Newest Sensation

Back when Prada’s moody Fall 2011 campaign images first dropped, everyone was asking, “Who is that girl?” alongside a gorgeous, lounging Frida Gustavsson. Turned out she was Kelly Mittendorf, an Arizona-native with no runway experience (!) and perhaps the most unmistakable face we’ve ever seen on a model.

Kelly’s look is so strong and so unusual that she’s been compared around the office to a model version of “the creature from Splice” (thanks Jennifer) and “a Persian cat” (Jill). I think she’s more like what would happen if you crossed Querelle Jansen with Lindsey Wixson, but that’s a stretch because Kelly doesn’t look like anyone else… and there’s nothing more exciting (in the modeling world) than a girl who comes out of nowhere and is uniquely, completely arresting.

Hopefully this Prada campaign isn’t just a one-time splash, because she’s got an amazing look (and I loved her in Steven Meisel’s fantastic “Pret-A-Porter”, a recent Vogue Italia ed). All of this and more ahead.

(Images of solo Kelly all from her thread at TFS, images of the Prada campaign and Meisel ed from FGR)

And here’s the vid:

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    • Stephanie

      Definitely a unique face! She’s so unconventional for the modeling world, I love it!

    • Vic

      So unique! Love this.

    • Softer Forest

      The nose is problematic, but the eyes are arresting. I see more Bekah Jenkins than Wixson…

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You’re absolutely right about Jenkins.

    • Imogene

      “Unconventional” or not, she is just ghastly looking. I physically cringed looking at that horrid face. Ugh.

      • Fabel

        Thank you. I so agree.

    • Kelly

      Was she in Elle recently? I’m pretty sure the fashion spread I was flipping through today had her in it. Usually I zip right past fashion spreads in magazines, but something about her face had me stop and stare at her. I don’t know if I think she’s pretty or not, but she is definitely interesting to look at.

    • Tania

      She looks very cavewomanly, and it’s definitely interesting in a way most models aren’t. Beautiful? Not necessarily. Arresting? Definitely.

    • Nikita

      She looks like she has the mumps.

    • Jess

      She is beautiful in a unique way. However, I don’t see how she’s that much different from other models. Still skinny, still white, etc.

    • Duke ‘Fish Oil’ Onkled

      and here i thought bjork was the most pseudo-asian looking white person ever

      • Duke ‘Fish Oil’ Onkled

        she looks like a depigmented version of a girl from mongolia that goes to my school

    • Alabaster81

      How original! Really, anonymously criticizing a model’s looks online isn’t a tired mark of bitterness or jealousy AT ALL. While you who are critical remark on her “horrid” and “ghastly” looks, this uncommon beauty is laughing all the way to the bank and I applaud her for capitalizing on her unmistakable look and bringing another definition of beauty to the fashion world.